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REDUCED! 2 x Blade 700x Helis + TON of parts!

Discussion in 'Everything Else (heli's/cars/boats/etc.)' started by 3D-Seth, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. SOLD!!

    Up for sale is my 2 Blade 700X flybarless helis. Helis are well taken of, and in flyable condition.

    700X #1 - $600

    Custom Green/Orange Canopy
    Well flown, with typical 3D use. Probably 500 flights or so.
    E-flite 700 Motor
    Castle Creations Phoenix ICE HV 120 ESC
    Spektrum AR7200BX with 1 Remote RX
    3 x Spektrum H6200 Cyclic Servos and 1 x Spektrum H6210 tail servo
    EC5 connectors soldered to ESC
    No RX battery

    700X #2 - $600

    Stock Blue/Yellow Canopy
    Flown 1 time. This was my backup heli.
    E-flite 700 Motor
    NO ESC Included
    NO FBL Controller Included
    3 x Spektrum H6280 Cyclic Servos and 1 x Spektrum H6210 tail servo
    No RX Battery

    If helis are bought individually, no main blades are included. If you wish to purchase blades, ask, and I will let you know what I have and what each is sold for.

    Ton of additional parts included; too many to list (booms, boom supports, landing gear, tail gears, tail cases etc.). If you want to know exactly what parts are included, look at the photos. I believe there are 4 or 5 battery trays (2 per heli) that are not pictured. Parts bins not included.

    Shipping is approximately $65 per heli. $100 for all items in this ad if purchased together. Items will be broken down to fit into smaller packaging. Assembly will be required.

    Total package deal for both helis, parts blades, etc. is $1200

    Just needing to fund other projects, and these haven't flown in a while, so no need for them.

    Parts to go with the helis at this time. I will not sell the parts without selling a heli. If you purchase 1 heli, parts are an additional $150 + $15 shipping. If you purchase both helis, parts are free!

    Blades available (all are used, and in various conditions - expect scuffed/scratched blades, but are flyable):

    Edge SE 693mm

    If you want/need particular pictures, just ask and I will send them.

    Immediate payment via PayPal or Money Order only, unless otherwise discussed.

    Buyer is responsible for assembling the heli(s) to flight-ready status, and is responsible for any flight after purchase. Seller assumes no responsibility.

    Helis are cross-posted on other forums.








    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
  2. strey1

    strey1 New to GSN!

    I'll take everything for $1200 if you pay shipping.


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