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Alert! 2017 SuperFly "You don't want to miss a SuperFly"

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by Xtreme_Power_RCS, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. SuperFly v3 is going down in the midwest for the first time on September 29 thru October 1st 2017!
    St Louis R/C Flying Association has agreed to host the SuperFly this fall. That is right we are going to the center of the country. For first time SuperFly participants here is the 411. Over the past decade or so there has been a trend of segragated flying events based on the type of aircraft and flying style. What that accomplished is lower attendance and in fighting between fellow modelers over foolish things. SuperFly event series vision is to bring us all together and have fun with fellow R/C junkies. Large scale turbine vs EDF micro jet, Foam vs Balsa, 3d vs warbirds, Electric vs Fuel, etc, etc. We have proven all of those can play at the same venue and actually find out we all love model aviation! Big question mark for most is how do you control the flight line.

    The answer is simple we don’t you guys do. Got a group of your buddies wanting to fly a warbird gaggle? No problem just get in line and let the fellows know that is your plan. Ask to please give us a few minutes doing formation worm burners. We are all sharing the same passion and it will blow you away how much fun this event concept has proven to be.

    These guys (slrcfa.com) know how to do it and they will have a huge crowd of spectators to show off your masterpieces for. Speaking of that the awards will be very unique and hotly contested to win for the man cave ego wall. All custom made specifically for the SuperFly. Ten different categories and every one will be decided by peer judges:

    • Best of Show
    • Best Military
    • Best Jet
    • Best Civilian
    • Best Aerobatic
    • Best Smoke
    • Best Electric
    • Best Covering
    • Best Kit or Scratch Built
    • Best Static Display
    Night time fun is on tap and has proven to be a highlight of the weekend. A SuperFly original, All the Fun Fly contest happen at night under the light towers! Back by overwhelming popular demand is the night pylon races. Having the fastest airplane doesn’t really mean much in this event. All of the fun fly events are structured so any type of airplane will be very competitive. The last pylon race was won by a Super Cub!

    See everyone this fall and remember if it flies bring it. Balsa gliders and up from there!

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