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Aero Cumulus Smoke Oil

Discussion in 'Everything Else (heli's/cars/boats/etc.)' started by Jungle, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Jungle

    Jungle 50cc

    Well folks, I am proud to announce the OFFICIAL launch of Aero Cumulus Inc. Several years ago I found myself looking through all the DIY threads in search of the secret recipe for good, cheap smoke oil and after a couple years of learning what works and what doesn't, I finally found the oil and the mixture I liked. It blew beautiful white smoke, had a long hang time, and was a little thinner than most other oil mixtures I had tried (and did not smell bad like most home brew oils did). The problem with a lot of the home brew mixtures was they all contained oils that were extremely hard on your plane and mixed together using naphthenic oils. One thing that I found was that it was the naphtha that caused most of the problems with breaking down the glues we use in our models, eating foam, made it smelled horrible and was rough on the adhesion of the covering. Don’t get me wrong here, ANY oil will make your covering difficult to stick if the oil gets on the “sticky†side of the film. Having any chemical that releases the covering, like what is found in a lot of smoke oil blends found in the DIY, did not help the problem. So then I had the oil mixture I liked and the word was getting out. A few people would want some from time to time and like any smoke oil, it was expensive simply because of the quantity I was dealing with. To be honest it was really not worth the trouble so I just simply stopped trying to mess with it and moved on.

    This brings us to the start of this year. I was thinking of maybe adding a smoke system back on one of my planes and if I did, the only oil I would want to use is my own. The cost is still the problem and like anything else, when you buy products in bulk, you can get them a little cheaper, so I asked my friends on the net who would want some. I never expected the amount of PMs, calls, and emails I got requesting smoke oil. Overnight, around 300 gallons were requested. This blew me away and got me to thinking that if there is this much of an interest and need for an oil that is priced better than the few options we have, then maybe I should actually make it a business not only to protect myself, but to allow me to expand the production and make my smoke oil available to people worldwide at a fair price. WOW, has that been a lesson or what! After finding the companies to help produce the oil to my liking, have it bottled, chemical testing done, permits, getting set up with the state, researching regulations worldwide on the transportation of my smoke oil, and having labels made, I have finally got it ready to go with the help from a good friend of mine, Troy Pogue. There was a lot to learn with a heavy price tag and without the help from good flying buddies, this would have been extremely difficult for one guy to take on alone.

    One of the guys who asked for some oil was Mr. Brian Zang, owner of Aero Graphix. He has seen this stuff work and knows that it works EXTREMELY well. So I called him up and told him about getting Aero Cumulus Inc. going and he said he wants to take care of the distribution if I would like his help. So, as of April 9th Aero Cumulus Smoke oil will be distributed and available for purchase from Aero Graphix. (Aero Graphix is having their website remodeled at this time so at the request of Aero Graphix this product is available by call in orders only. Please call 573-368-3600 to place your orders) I promise it is the best oil you will find anywhere that vaporizes in the exhaust extremely well, leaving very little residue on the plane to clean up on planes set up properly. Chemical testing supports me in saying it is probably one of the safest smoke oils on the market. Priced well below any competing business' prices and producing a thicker, white smoke with a longer hang time, you should be very pleased with your purchase of Aero Cumulus Inc. Smoke Oil.

    16.99 per gallon jug
    99.99 for a case of one gallon jugs (6)
    41.99 for a 2.5 gallon jug
    83.98 for a case of 2.5 gallon jugs (2)
    79.99 for a 5 gallon pail
    (all the above prices do not include shipping)

    This is where I get to throw in the BUT WAIT there’s more! Orders of at least 5 gallons of Aero Cumulus Smoke Oil from Aero Graphix will get a FREE 4Titude 16 oz. smoke tank with mounts. That’s right, FREE, just pay the shipping and handling. This is while supplies last. This is one way I wanted to say thank you to the lucky ones who get their orders in quick enough for your interest in Aero Cumulus.

    Again, Thank you all so much and I look forward to seeing you on the Flight Line.

    Josh Price

    FG PIC.jpg
  2. econpatric

    econpatric 70cc twin V2

    This is very cool. I will be looking you up when I complete my gasser in the future!
  3. Nice work mate I foresee some heading down to Australia
  4. djmoose

    djmoose 70cc twin V2

    Awesome stuff! I can't wait to talk to you about this on the next 3DHS podcast episode.
  5. Interesting. I'm thinking about smoking my 89 Slick, I'll probably hit you up when I do.
  6. hone

    hone 150cc

    Great! I really want to add smoke to my 78'' Extra.
  7. Jungle

    Jungle 50cc

    Brian Zang Has relayed to me that there is only a hand full of 4titude smoke tanks left in the box for one of our current promotions.
    If you purchase at least 5 gallons from Aero Graphix he will send you a FREE tank with your order! That's right FREE!! That's a $19.99 savings. The other promotion we are running is free delivery to the Joe Nall event with two free stickers. CALL Aero Graphix at 573-368-3600 and get your orders in before you miss out.
  8. djmoose

    djmoose 70cc twin V2

    Here's me getting to play with some smoke. Thanks to Andy for filming!


    I'm about finished with my first bottle...I saved my vanilla scented bottle for last...

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