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Assembly: Aeroworks QB 150cc Yak 55M

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale ARF Build Threads' started by Joe Hunt, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. This showed up at my place Monday, and I'm dying to fly it! It is pretty sexy, I must say. I mean it really looks good. Even better in person than in the photos on AW websites, and the photos looked great to me:

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  2. I made an unboxing video, well a three parter, actually:




    And, a DA 170 unboxing video, too:

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  3. The plane really looks great, amazing actually. I'm in love with it. haha Very cool looking plane, for sure. I'm always thinking about weight, though. I just finished a Hangar 9 Sukhoi (maybe the best plane I've ever flown) and that plane is light and flies light. So, I started making some comparisons. The wings on the Aeroworks are larger. They're longer because they go into the fuse. And, they're about an inch wider through the cord. The shape and design is very similar. I thought the Aeroworks look even more small-pattern-wings in the pictures on the Aeroworks website. But, the wings are slightly less patterny than the Sukhoi and also the ailerons are closer to the root which makes them larger overall. By all rights this plane should fly good. So, anyway, the Aeroworks wings are longer and wider, but also weigh 2-5/8 ounces more (each wing weighs 2-5/8 ounces more). Oh, that would be 3 lbs 5 ounces for one Sukhoi wing vs 3 lbs 7-5/8 ounces for one Yak 55M wing. That's not a big difference, in a 40% you can always deal with a couple of ounces.

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  4. I don't have fuse comparison weights, but might be able to work that out because my friend is just starting a Sukhoi. But, for now let's say the AW fuse weighs a pound more, because it does feel heavier (there appears to be more wood in there). That's 16oz, then 5oz more for the wings... that's 21oz. But here's where it gets interesting. I had a feeling that the Yak 55M main landing gear was going to be light. It is.

    It weighs 12-3/4 oz. Compare that to 31 ounces on the Sukhoi. The main gear alone makes up for 18 of those 21 ounces.


    Then there is the tailwheel, and Aeroworks has always had super light tailwheels. It weighs less than an ounce:

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  5. The wheel pants are a 1/2 oz each lighter. The Tires are about 3 oz lighter each. That's another 7 oz. So, stock to stock, I could easily see the Yak 55m coming in exactly the same weight as the Suhkoi. Which I would be very happy about. I'll weigh them both RTF when the Yak 55m is assembled.

    20150811_174952.jpg 20150811_175228.jpg 20150811_175016.jpg
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  6. I'm going with a DA-170 on RE3 tune pipes like I did with the Sukhoi because... well?... the engine makes tons of power but what I love is the sound of those pipes! So sophisticated! [​IMG] I do like the sound of the 3W 170 on Pefa cans, too. And, I hear a lot about ZDZ, DLE, and GP, but I have not tried those yet. Of course, DA is USA made, which is cool. I need to check and see how much of the engine is made here for general interest. I saw a video where they are making the cranks right there in the shop. I know they get the ignitions from Australia. But I can't believe, after all these years, I don't know if the rest of the motor is made in-house, or not. Either way, I'm very happy with my DA 170 on RE3s. It has been a runner from the first start and it just sounds so good!

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  7. Looks like a killer set up. Nice to see someone actually using their home gym equipment! [​IMG]
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  8. Ha! Definitely the most use I ever got out of it! :)
  9. I'm thinking about JR servos for this plane (Hitec is still backordered on the Brushless servos for a couple of months). Maybe the:

    JR MPH83T MK II Linear Hall Sensor Brushless Torque Servo that Tavis (aka Buttface, although I don't know why he calls himself that, he's a handsome man... I say that in the most non gay way, Tavis! haha) likes so much.

    Specs are:

    563.8 oz-in @ 7.4V
    0.13 sec/60 deg @ 7.4V
    Linear Hall Sensor (instead of a potentiometer)

    With 563.8 oz-in along with the brushless motor holding power... maybe just one per elevator and two per aileron. So I'll be RTF faster. :) I really want to fly this thing because it is so good looking! And my Sukhoi is amazing and I'm wondering if all the new planes are just better, you know?
  10. lowdown

    lowdown 30cc

    Plane looks great can't wait for a flight report!
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