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For Sale Bill Hempel 38% Decathlon

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Electric' started by Gotta Know Joe Hobbies, Mar 9, 2021.

  1. Bill Hempel [​IMG]38%[​IMG] DECATHLON..
    [​IMG] BUT, [​IMG]we tell the girls it's 40%[​IMG]
    ONLY $2000 ​

    Hey friends, Sorry ive neglected to post here. I just forgot... But.... I ended up with a plane that's too big for my Lil work area. lol, We have a beautimous 38 %, Hempel. Never crashed. The covering didn't POP as the new Ultracote does so decided to have it covered top to bottom Fore to aft. all in the stock colors and design.
    Now.... It has the WOW factor. The price is as it sits. meaning. It will need new fuel lines and tank since we pulled the old stuff (we don't fool around with our fuel)

    All servos are fully tested and working great. 1 was replaced with a new servo because of a slight jitter. on the rudder. so that's is all good now.I did not get wing struts but the hardware is on the plane and i have the strut "streamline" material .

    I have spent quite a lot making this plane tip-top cover and labor alone a bit.. below is a list of most of the hardware on this byrd. ask questions ill reply as soon as I can.
    We all know the cost to build this plane. and I'm sure you have a good idea of the money I have spent to make sure it's in A-1 condition so the price is really amazing.
    Shipping. I will I'm not scared to ship I do it all the time with 100% success. However, I have not shipped a crate over 82 inches since it is my limit with the carrier I use. If you have a carrier I will prepare and drop off and or have ready.
    Below is all the info on this wonderful plane.


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