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For Sale Deitrick 42% Slick 540

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Gas/Glow' started by Gotta Know Joe Hobbies, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. WOW 800.00 OBO

    Deitrick 42% Slick 540 Kit Un-Covered and ready for your favorite film or glass.

    This plane sold on sale for $1700.00 plus shipping and 2 grand plus shipping MSRP and was built to be an Amazing IAC, Imac, and 3d Byrd. Built tough in and around 2009 From South Africa.
    To be honest I have no personal knowledge flying these planes the info I found online ... But I did find one and need to sell it to make room for another toy

    The plane comes with Fiberglass Cowl 2 PART all hardware landing gear, wheels and canopy and Wheel Pants

    There is one small imperfection in the balsa that can be seen in the photos # 10 and # 11


    I will gladly ship But there is one small (BIG PROBLEM) I ship all my large scale Byrds via Bus and my limit is 82x47x29 @ 100 lbs. this plane is 82 inches long .... Local pickup is fine or I will build a crate ON ME to ship but I can not cover the cost.

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