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E-flite Carbon-Z Cessna 150 2.1m BNF Basic & PNP [VIDEO]

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

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    From E-flite:
    This fantastic-flying, giant-scale recreation of the Cessna 150 includes all kinds of realistic features like scale LED lighting, a shock-absorbing nose strut, fully functional flaps and wheel pants. You alshave the option of installing floats with a working water rudder syou can fly off water (float set and mounting set sold separately). Plus, its versatile brushless power system is compatible with a variety of 4-6S 4000-7000mAh batteries syou can make the flying experience as mild or wild as you want. Once the model is fully assembled, the wings and struts can be removed for transport and
    storage without requiring any tools. The Hands-Free ServConnection System makes it easy. The Bind-N-Fly® Basic version includes a brushless power system and comes with the servos and a Spektrum™ AS3X® receiver with optional SAFE® Select technology installed. The Plug-N-Play® version includes a brushless power system and comes with the servos installed. All you need tdis finish some final assembly, install a receiver, charge a battery and fly.


    • A large sport-scale model that can dit all
    • Wide flight envelope – mild twild
    • Scale details include LED lights, flaps, wheel pants and more
    • Ntools required for field assembly
    • Innovative hands-free servconnection system
    • Two-piece wing assembly for easy transport
    • AS3X® receiver with optional SAFE Select technology
    • Powerful brushless motor with 60A ESC
    • Large, easy-access battery hatch for 4S-6S 4000-7000mAh LiPpacks
    • Vibrant Aerobat trim scheme
    • Rough-field landing gear with shock-absorbing nose strut
    • Optional floats and skis


    Wingspan: 83.7 in (2125mm)
    Length: 61.8 in (1570mm)
    Wing Area: 1053 sg in (68 sq dm)
    Flying Weight: 8.9 -9.9 lbs (4.0 – 4.5kg)
    Motor Size: 50-Size Brushless Outrunner (installed)
    ESC: 60A Brushless
    Receiver: DSMX®/DSM2® with AS3X® and SAFE® Select Technologies (BNF Basic Only)
    Recommended Battery: 4-6S 4000-7000mAh LiPbattery

    #EFL1450 – Carbon-Z Cessna 150 2.1m BNF Basic – $399.99
    #EFL1475 – Carbon-Z Cessna 150 2.1m PNP – $379.99
    Visit E-fliteRC.com
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