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Futaba 18MZ/14SG/8FG Tips and Tricks

Discussion in 'Radio Programming Questions' started by garlandk, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. garlandk

    garlandk 100cc

    Figure I would start a thread that talks about these three radios. The nice thing about Futaba radios is the programming is VERY similar.

    Ill get it started. Made this video a while back on how to setup a timer that only turns on a few clicks above idle position on the throttle stick.

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  2. 49dimes

    49dimes Damn I'm hungry

    How do I fix my fat fingers and the jog dial on the 14sg? Menu's are easy enough it is just staying there when I input.
  3. Maybe cool to do a video on stick switches and conditions
  4. rcpilotacro

    rcpilotacro 70cc twin V2

    subscribed !!

    Here are both the beauties

    14 MZ & 18 MZ.jpg
  5. Torquerolljoe

    Torquerolljoe Wannabe Pilot!!

    Someday, I may upgrade to a 18mz! Nice radios!

  6. The 18 is really nice
  7. Islandflyer

    Islandflyer GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Is there a better way to group 4 aileron servos for the purpose of programming dual rate / expo, and rudder to aileron mix (18MZ)?
    - I have selected a two aileron model in the model type
    - in the function menu, I assigned two mode channels to the aileron stick (assume 8and 9)

    Now when I program the rudder to aileron mix and Expo/Dual Rates, I have to do it separately for the ailerons, and again for channel 8, and channel 9: is there a better to group all these, while maintaining the independence of each channel for servo matching?

    I know there is a 4 aileron model in the choice of model types, but I am looking for a configuration that I can expand on for the 6 aileron servos situation.
  8. 3D-Joy

    3D-Joy 50cc

    Not sure I understand what you are saying. For a 2 aileron plane like yours, you just go for 2 aileron wing type. Then in the function menu you add a 2nd channel for aileron 1 and also a 2nd channel for aileron 2. This way you have full control of subtrims and endpoints for all 4 aileron servos and then all the mixes and trims will take all that into account.

    Not sure exactly how to explain it but there is also the group thing in the mixes that you have to activate.
  9. You mean for flight conditions?
  10. 3D-Joy

    3D-Joy 50cc

    Yeah I just reread what you posted, this is where you have it wrong. Don't assign channel 8 and 9 to aileron stick (just the control on your radio) but rather assign it to aileron 1 and aileron 2.
    Then all your mixes, differentials and rates will apply to all 4 servos.

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