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HELP! Powerbox smoke pump & DX-18 programming

Discussion in 'Radio Programming Questions' started by Robbins, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Robbins

    Robbins Team WTFO (Watch The Fun Occur)

    If you have programmed a Powerbox smoke pump with a DX-18 please chime in.


    Pump functional...(SOMETIMES)

    Pumps smoke in flight but not always when I command it to do so! It is like it has a mind of its own as to when it will smoke and when it will not.

    I understand i need a mix to arm it and a mix to throttle for rate. What am i missing? I really should start over with the whole radio setup and start fresh.

    Im looking for actual pictures of your radio screen for help or even a model cfg file.

    Thanks ya'll
  2. Well, I created a model cfg file for you but the "upload a file" command won't take a .SPM file so I simply renamed it Smoke.TXT. Just save it to Smoke.SPM and copy it to your DX18.
    Basically what I did was create an airplane model, 2 Ailerons, 2, elevators, 1 rudder. I assumed Smoke channel was AUX3 so I selected Channel Assign->NEXT->Channel Input Config to change AUX3 to INH. I then went to the Main Screen Mixing and created 2 mixes. The first mix I selected Curve, AX3 > AX3, Switch H, position 0 highlighted, curve values set to -100,-100,-100. This first mix DISABLES the smoke pump when switch H is pushed towards the back of the transmitter. The next mix is curve, THR > AX3, Expo : Act, Switch H, position 1 highlighted, curve values set to -100, 0, +100. This mix increases the smoke as throttle is advanced when switch H is towards the front of the transmitter. You WILL want to add additional points to the 2nd mix as you probably don't want a linear curve for smoke control, you should be able to sort that out yourself since you have the model to test it against..Hope this helps


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    Last edited: Apr 5, 2015
  3. KranJam

    KranJam New to GSN!

    Super helpful post, thanks, the two-mix system works great on the ground, but we're still struggling to get smoke along the whole throttle curve in the air. What did you end up using for flow rates and what engine are you using? We're using DA-120. Thanks again.

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