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HOBBYWING XRotor Micro BLHeli-s 30A DShot600 ESC

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    Dshot 150/300/600, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot Modes Supported

    Besides the latest Dshot 150/300/600 mode, the ESC also supports regular PWM (1000µs -2000µs) mode, Oneshot125 (125-250µs) mode, Oneshot42 (42-81µs) mode and Multishot (2-25µs) mode

    Super Small & Light

    With the remarkably small size (23.8×14.5×5.8mm) and light weight (6g), XRotor Micro BLHeli-s 30A DShot600 is an ESC specially designed for competition FPV drone(s).

    Quality Components

    The use of EMF8BB21F16G MCU (with the operating frequency of up to 48MHz), 3-in-1 drive IC, American Fairchild MOSFETs, imported quality ceramic capacitors, 3-ounce copper and 4 layers of PCBs guarantees less heat, higher efficiency and rapider response.

    BLHeli-S Firmware Ready

    The ESC supports the original BLHeli_S firmware. Users can flash or upgrade the firmware via the signal cable (on ESC) and program 4 ESCs simultaneously after connecting their flight controller to the BLHeliSuite software (if the flight controller uses the CleanFlight or betaflight firmware).

    Hardware Generated PWM & Damped Light Mode

    The ESC firmware uses hardware generated motor pwm for smooth throttle response and silent operation. Damped light does regenerative braking, causing very fast motor retardation, and it inherently also does active freewheeling.

    Twisted-Pair Signal Cable Reduces Interference

    The twisted-pair throttle signal cable effectively reduces interference produced in signal transmission and makes the flight much more stable and reliable.


    Cont./Peak Current: 30A/40A
    Input Voltage: 2-4S LiPo
    BEC output: No
    Input Wires: Red-18AWG-100mm*1 / Black-18AWG-100mm*1
    Output Wires: No wires but solder tabs
    Input Connectors: No
    Output Connectors: No
    Firmware: BLHeli-S A-H-50 16.5
    ESC Programming: Stick Programming, BLHeliSuite
    Stick Programming: Supported
    DEO: Supported
    Throttle Range Calibration: Supported
    Oneshot125 Mode: Supported
    Oneshot42 Mode: Supported
    MultiShot Mode: Supported
    DShot150/300/600: Supported
    Timing: Supported
    Motor Rotation: Supported
    Size: 23.8×14.5×5.8mm
    Weight: 6g
    Applications: 150-280mm FPVs

    (Note: All the wire length above is the original length not the length you see from the outside.)

    Visit HOBBYWINGDirect.com
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