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Alert! Jennifer & John Back @ it again! Jackson Prince Fundraiser (JR Hobby Hardware)

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by Xtreme_Power_RCS, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. 17425016_10209026787210183_8058602438423016709_n.jpg

    Like the title sais, The Welcomes are back at it again showing us why they are not only one of the top places to go for all your R/C hardware needs, but also some HUGE hearted people!

    This story is one that truly touched my heart and I feel needs to be shared EVERYWHERE!

    I felt there would be no better place to post it then right here with you guys on GSN! So that being said, please take a few minutes to read about Jackson Prince and how all of us here in the RC world could really make a huge impact and difference in this kiddos life.

    I have tried to write this in my very own words about 4 times today, and I just cant do it as well as John Welcome himself, so I'm just leaving it up to him and will let his words tell the story.

    From John Welcome///

    Attention Friends and Family!!!!!! We are doing something very special and different this year at our 4th Annual Warbirds Over East Bend. There is a very special boy named Jackson Prince that needs our help to make his dreams come true. We will be having a Fundraiser to help Jackson and Giving away a ¼ Scale Flair Stearman with an Evolution 77 Radial engine worth over $4500.00. Here is Jacksons Story and how we can help.

    You see Jackson Prince is a spunky, energetic, kindergartner at Lake Cable Elementary School, Jackson Township, Ohio. He loves Buzz Lightyear, airplanes, his big sister, and making people laugh until it hurts. He is doing his very best to cope with a serious genetic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or Brittle Bone Disease. His bones are so frail that he has fractured his spine, arms, legs, ribs, and hands simply by trying to live like a typical 6-year-old boy.

    His fragile body needs protection. He also needs assistance with daily activities. Jackson has been approved to have a Service Dog trained for his specific needs and health issues. However, the cost of the Service Dog prevents him from getting one. They have raised 9500 of the 17500 needed to get Jackson his dog. If you knew you could make a difference in Jackson's life, would you be willing to help? Jackson loves going to school with his fellow Polar Bears even though he requires supportive devices such as a walker on good days or a wheelchair on bad ones. Even with these supportive devices, Jackson has suffered painful fractures at school this year, including both of his legs. His physician feels that a properly trained Service Dog could help prevent a number of these fractures. Jackson cannot wait to have his furry best friend by his side, helping to protect him as he navigates the classroom and the playground. YOU can make a difference in Jackson's life!

    Here’s what we are going to do. We have coordinated with Gary Prince to give away a ¼ Scale Flair Stearman with an Evolution 77 worth over $4500. Once we reach $3000.00 we will draw a winner…YES YOU JUST READ THAT!!!! The family does not want to have a raffle so we will be doing something very special and trusting in God to reach our goal of a very achievable $8020.00. After we raise $3000.00 we will draw a ticket for the plane, if this happens before or during our Warbird event we will give it away Saturday April 8th at our event.

    Here are the rules.

    1. Say a prayer for Jackson and his family first please.
    2. Please make a Donation to
    www.youcaring.com/jacksonprice-770586 . Any amount is a blessing.
    3. Email both John Welcome at jfwelcome@gmail.com and Gary Prince at ram3500-rcu@juno.com
    with your name, phone #, eamil address and home address to be entered in the drawing.
    4. We will put your name on a ticket and it will be added to the drawing.
    5. After we raise $3000.00 we will draw a ticket for the plane, if this happens before or during our Warbird event we will give it away Saturday April 8th. We are praying for $8000.00.
    6. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE TO ASK FOR A TICKET although its encouraged.
    7. Pray again for Jackson and his family and God Bless
    8. Winner must be 18 or older.

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