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Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by jtec/radiowave, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Just got home from the Tucson Shootout. Our team of Rustlers stole the gold!!

    First I want to thank Dave Johnson and the total Desert Aircraft crew for the support they put into the Shootout. Without them there would be no Shootout.

    Kevin Garland and Brenna first class job and well run. You guys and your support crew were Fantastic. Looking forward to the next one but wait a little time. My butt needs to recover from that 5,000 mile round trip drive toting 7 airplanes.

    I can't tell you how proud I am of the total JTEC/RADIOWAVE team, I am still walking on a cloud with the success we had as a team in IMAC

    Jason Shulman took first place in Invitational flying our 3.1 Giles 202. Thank you Jason and congratulations.

    Aaron " Bones" Garle finished 6th in invitational also flying a 3.1m Giles 202, Congratulations " Bones" !!

    Santiago Perez First place Unlimited flying our 3.1m MX2. Santi Congratulations and what a fantastic job on your build, the plane looks awesome!!

    Carlos Silvia aka "Tuny Pro" Second place Unlimited. Tuny flew his Ultimate due to the fact he sold his Giles 202 on the test flight the week before the shootout but brought it as the backup. Tuny is the guy that makes all our planes look so good. If you need a plane built give him a call.

    Kim Quennette, 6th place Unlimited flying his 3.1 MX2.[/B] Kim finished building his plane the Thursday before the shootout started. Not to shabby for only a couple flights going into the event. Great job Kim and thanks !!

    Dale Arnold 3rd place Advanced. Dale was hanging right up there until he sheered his prop bolts on his 3.1 MX2 on take off. He quickly landed and borrowed another 3.1 MX2 and won the unknown round with a plane he never had flown before.

    Cam Robinson. First place Intermediate, flying 3.1 MX2. One of "Bones'15 year old protegees that came from Australia with him to fly in the shootout. Starting flying the MX2 the Friday before the shootout. Congratulations Cam!!

    Flyn Wain second place Intermediate flying a 3.1 MX2 another of Bones' 15 year old protégé. Great flying Flyn. Flyn also only started flying the MX2 the Friday before. Flyn also won the 3.1 MX2 kit we put in for one of the prizes.

    Special THANKS to my son Kevin Young and Jerry Hailey. Kevin and Jerry were instrumental in taking the design of Jason and turning it into a easy to build kits and by the results great flying planes.

    Kevin's dedication not only to our business but to helping others is priceless. As a father I am very proud.

    Kevin and Jason leave this Sunday for Argentina for the pattern Worlds. Kevin, Jason, Andrew Jesky and AC Glenn are representing the USA in pattern along with Joseph Suzur as the jr member.

    Thanks to all the competitors for a great Shootout!!



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  2. Congrats on all of your success. Well deserved!!
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  3. Alky6

    Alky6 150cc

    Holy cow! Congratulations Al and Kevin and team! You guys have worked hard, wonderful to see the fruits of your efforts. :big_yes:
  4. Congradulation Al, Kevin Mr Shulman and rest to the JTEC crew they all flew amazingly well and are reaping the fruits of their labours .

    Nice to have meet everyone in person, Al has a great team/ powerhouse :way_to_go: and you will be getting an order from me for the MX2 2.8
  5. Jetpainter

    Jetpainter 640cc Uber Pimp

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  6. To top off all the flying I managed to have a winning raffle ticket for the custom DA200

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  7. 49dimes

    49dimes Damn I'm hungry

    Congrats! to all......That is a MOST Impressive trophy you got there Al :yesss:.
  8. SCORE!!!
  9. Hope you put to good use in one of the MX2 maybe the one "Bones" had issue with on the Saturday before the event started .o_O

    I saw Arron buy $100 dollars of tickets and didn't win, the whole JTEC team desires that engine great job :shake:
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  10. The engine in my plane that bones was flying is all fixed. Its great having DA local. That new engine will go in a New Giles 202 unless we come up with something else soon!! LOL

    Bones can drool over the engine when he come by. may even let him fly it!!

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