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Discussion in 'Manufacturer's Announcements and Discussions' started by jtec/radiowave, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. 1b4e64fb-0907-4013-9f84-c6b393855baa.gif

    Flash Sale on all Large Wrap Around pitts Mufflers, JTEC QC Canisters, and HP 90 Tuned Pipes

    Get a JTEC Large Wrap Around Pitts Muffler for the price of a standard sized wrap around pitts
    (discount applied after order received)

    Get JTEC's QC-80 Canisters for only $109.99 plus shipping

    Get JTEC's QC-120 Canisters for only $149.99 plus shipping

    Get JTEC's HP-90 Tuned Pipes for only $175.99 plus shipping

    In a continued effort to focus on quieter options for our customers we are having a flash sale on all of our Large wrap around pitts mufflers, QC canisters, and HP-90 tuned pipes because we hate seeing customers loose flying fields and/or not be able to fly certain models especially when we have options available to help with these issues. This flash sale will not be around for long so take advantage now.

    If you have any questions about fitment of a large wrap around or any of our products do hesitate to contact us at sales@jtecrc.com

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