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SOLD! LPU - 3DHS 103" Extra 330SC 35% 3D Plane

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Gas/Glow' started by bobzilla, Jul 18, 2016.

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    Selling my 3DHS 103" Extra 330SC 35% 3D plane.
    Powered by sweet running DA100 (less than 6 hours run time), std mufflers. Split cowl for easy engine access. 27x10 XOAR prop matching colors. 4" aluminum spinner.
    TECH-AERO IBEC. Fuel dot. Dual multiplex connectors for easy aileron hookup. FUJI water bottle fuel tank. All servos Hitec HS-7954SH with 1-1/2" aluminum arms, heavy duty ball links. 35% matching pilot figure. Includes SFG's. Cowl baffled.
    Original 330 carbon gear replaced with stronger yak style carbon. All carbon tubes, tailwheel assy. Metal hub wheels. Custom wheel pants installed, original new wheel pants included.
    Add your own rx, batteries and fly.
    Local pickup Las Vegas, Henderson, NV, no ship, no trades $1350

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    Last edited: Jul 20, 2016
  2. Homer

    Homer New to GSN!

    Do you have any way of getting this to Denver. I would love to have this plane, it would match my 119" and 72" extras.
  3. No way. Sorry
  4. Homer

    Homer New to GSN!

    I am definitely interested. Do you have any other pictures showing the inside of the airframe and baffling? Me and the guys might have to take road trip to come get this, only 12 hours each way. Has there been any damage to the plane? overall condition? You can call or text me 970-five two zero 9100, or email usappraisal@gmail.com. Thanks, Robert
  5. Some additional pics. Excuse the dust, as I fly on a dry lake. I will also include original 3DHS carbon gear and original new wheel pants. Yes, there is some small chip on canopy back edge, engine box and landing gear area were stressed, and repaired. One side force generator repaired. This plane is a 3d Monster and performed in Freestyle competition numerous times. It gets lost amongst the bigger 150cc planes and is crying get get out (see pics). DA100 is a sweet heart, always ran on Redline and starts easy (as all my DA's do). I will remove cowl top and provide additional pics if necessary.. thanks

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  6. Tentatively sold
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