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Discussion in 'Off Topic Threads' started by Hubb, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Hubb

    Hubb 30cc

    Usually motor heads are into more than one hobby :)

    If you are into two wheels show us what you got! Are you into Dirt? Street? ADV? Cruiser? Post 'em.

    I got my Triumph in June and have begun the (slow) process of Intake / Exhaust mods



    I'm getting anxious to put my Foamy airbrushing skills to use over the winter and paint something on it!
  2. SleepyC

    SleepyC 150cc

    Nice sled.

    I'll have another.... someday....
  3. brandonduley

    brandonduley 30cc

    I love motorcycles...... learned to ride on a 1987 Honda GoldWing that was my father in laws. From there bought my first bike which was a Honda CBR600F3, sold it for a Suzuki 800cc Intruder Volusia cruiser. Got tired of that and moved back to a sportbike with a Yamaha YZF600R. Wanted something newer so I sold the 600R and bought a 2006 Yamaha R6 Raven. Loved the R6, did a track day at Mid-Ohio with it, which was awesome!!! Sold it though to fund a new airplane. Now thinking about getting back into bikes. Looking at the 2013 Honda CB500X.

    605=130-26.jpg[​IMG] 605=129-33.jpg[​IMG] 605=133-KLH_0716.jpg[​IMG] 605=132-KLH_1131.jpg[​IMG] 605=131-KLH_5223.jpg[​IMG] 605=127-photo 1.jpg[​IMG] 605=128-Resampled952011-09-309514-28-0395933.jpg[​IMG]
  4. I have ridden all my life. Started in MX at 7, and got my first street bike at 17 a Suzuki GS-550ES. I have owned 100's of street and dirt bikes through the years. Both of my boys had MX bikes and later street bikes. I currently only own a 50cc scooter that is lame but fun to ride around the neighborhood. My youngest boy still lives at home and he has a Ninja 250 (EX250) I ride that thing more than he does. It is very well balanced and is a blast to ride around town.

  5. Here's a couple of mine. Theses are hobbies to get away from hobbies!! The one with the white fairing my father purchased new in 1977. I have owned it for almost 30 yrs and When I go I suspect Kevin and my son in law will get to arm wrestle over it. I think Kevin will win!!

    The other I purchased this spring, it a 2014 BMW R1200RT. Unfortunately BMW had a recall on the bike for the rear shock. The manufacturer of the shocks ( Belgium ) had a failure so BMW issued a stop ride order until they could get us all replacement shocks ( the shock is an electronically adjustable ) Its been almost two months and we just got word starting next week they will have the replacements. can't wait!!! I put 1200 miles on it before the stop ride order and it by far the best bike I have ever owned!!


    612=134-P1010007[1].jpg[​IMG] 612=126-r1200rt-lc-2014-3g.jpg[​IMG]

  6. Chris.Puckett

    Chris.Puckett 30cc

    I currently have 5 bikes in my stable and shopping number 6. 2005 ZX10R with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Fastest bike I have ever been on. I call it my Busa killer ;). 2006 GSXR 1000 with a nice Carbon wrap, GP exhaust (LOUD), 2007 Victory Vegas, Barn rescued 1973 CB 350 Four with partial restoration, 2009 YZ450F. Just getting back into dirt bikes.

    623=136-Phone dump 333.jpg[​IMG]
    623=137-Phone dump 241.jpg[​IMG]
    623=138-Phone dump 112.jpg[​IMG]
    623=139-l4Pinking 010.jpg[​IMG]
  7. Hubb

    Hubb 30cc


    Nice bikes Al!

    After I win the lottery one of the bikes on the top of my list is the BMW R1200GSA. I've read stories about parts and service being expensive on the BMWs though.
  8. Hubb

    Hubb 30cc


    Gah! my first street bike was a 1972 CB350! it was also a barn find.....I wish I never would have sold it
  9. Here are a few pics of my bikes. The first two are my current bike which is a 07 BMW K1200GT and the second two pics are of my first bike which was a 05 BMW R1200ST.

    653=149-1176175_10201993488184004_1827482321_n.jpg[​IMG] 653=150-544875_10201993492544113_335336106_n.jpg[​IMG] 653=148-6086_4725375697557_902485479_n.jpg[​IMG] 653=146-kevin_tail of the dragon.jpg[​IMG]
  10. Hubb

    Hubb 30cc

    Nice bikes Kevin!

    I'm hoping to ride the Tail at the end of August :cool:

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