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New here guys. want help forBUILDING EDGE-540

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Tiger, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. Tiger

    Tiger New to GSN!

    I am Tiger, currently doing my bachelors in mechanical engineering. I want assistance please help me honourable and respectable professionals of this field thanks. Me and my team have given a task to build a rc aerobatic or sport plane whose take of weight must 3.5 kg or less. We have selected EDGE- 540 as this design has bonus points in competition and we want to gain it.
    But the problem is we are totally new to this field and building rc plane first time and don't have idea as how to make its frame, how to chose parts, how to chose engine, how to automate it using arduino for manuevers and other things.

    Kindly help us we will be thankful to you. :)
  2. WMcNabb

    WMcNabb 150cc

    TN, USA
    Welcome to GSN Tiger. This is a community comprised of experienced, skilled, talented, and helpful people.

    Do you have specific questions, or are you looking for a broad overview?
    Any restrictions in terms of size, type of power, construction materials, design tools, manufacturing tools, etc.?

    What is the mission, or what is the definition of success for your project and your team members?

    Please give us a few more details.

  3. Tiger

    Tiger New to GSN!

    Thanks alot Wade for your kind response,

    Okay I'm telling you the things one by one.

    1- Sorry I don't know the size but I know how much weight limit our university allowed us its 3.5 kg max. I don't know what size plane comes in this category this is my first problem.
    2- It must be engine powered. You guide me which engine is good for the plane weights 3.5 kg.
    3- It must be made from wood, may be the wood used for planes is BALSA??
    4- They instructed us to first design the whole thing on ant CAD software then procede for its fabrication. But the point is HOW?? we don't know what is the shape of EDGE -540 ribs and whole body. What dimensions are for each rib so we can design it with the same dimensions on CAD software which will give us 3.5 kg wood made engine powered EDGE-540.

    Now towards our missions, we have FOUR missions in this competition.

    1- To do these manuevers through your plane, BARREL ROLL, VERTICAL LOOP, HAMMER HEAD all three in 4 mins and max. score is 70 POINTS for all three maneuvers. (FIRST STEP WHERE WE HAVE TO OBTAIN ALL POINTS TO WIN)

    2- Second mission is performed with external payloads. In payload flight, the aircraft will take-off and first fly two different laps. one lap means that in one lap plane must complete 360 degree turn on one side RIGHT and in other lap it take 360 degree turn to the LEFT. Plane must be capable of carrying 2 payloads each of 156 gm carried externally. And drops the payload on target with servo drop mechanism.
    And finally perform Immelmann turn followed by barrel roll. FOR ALL THESE WE HAVE 4.5 mins with 50 POINTS MAX. ( second opportunity for gaining points and WIN)

    3- Third mission is OPTIONAL, to automate your plane by using microcontroller arduino for aircraft maneuvers like vertical loop, barrel roll. ( THIS MISSION HAS BONUS POINTS WHICH ARE 35 ) (THIS MUST BE ONE OF THE KEY TO OUR VICTORY TO GAIN THESE BONUS POINTS)

    4- The fourth and final mission which is also OPTIONAL BUT ANOTHER KEY TO GAIN VICTORY BECAUSE OF BONUS POINTS is BANNER TOWING, your aircraft must be able to tow two banners one of 30 inches and other of 15 inches. ( FOR 30 INCH 35 BONUS POINTS AND FOR 15 INCH BANNER 15 BONUS POINTS).


    One more point why we chose EDGE-540 as our design as this design has additional points in competition. These are all the things which produce extra points for me and my team and key to success in winning this competition.

    Now point comes HOWW???? Please help. If you want more information sir I will definitely provide but I don't think so I've left anything. :)
  4. WMcNabb

    WMcNabb 150cc

    TN, USA
    Thanks for the additional details. I’ll give you my initial thoughts, but many others here on GSN are more knowledgeable then I am.

    First, the weight limit suggests a relatively small model which I would suggest is electric powered.
    Start your research by visiting several manufacturer’s sites to see relationships between weight, wingspan and component options.
    Select a brand of components you like and which seem compatible with one another. You may simply want those which are easily obtainable in your area.

    Examples for your consideration, and good places for research: AJ Aircraft, Extreme Flight, Flex Innovations, Horizon Hobby, Pilot RC, Skywing RC

    Each of us has our favorite brands of airframe, battery, motor, radio, propeller, servos, speed controller, etc. but I have no idea what brands are available in your part of the world.

    For simplicity in design and speed of construction, and because you did not mention a requirement to be “scale”, you may want to consider a “profile” airplane design. This is one with a flat fuselage. You will find several threads here on GSN where they have been designed and built. If the requirement is to build with wood, then balsa and some hardwoods for structure would work. If foam is an option, then search a few web sites for foam planes as well.

    Since this is a project for a mechanical engineer, concentrate on a simple wing airfoil and structure. Needs to be both strong and light!
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  5. Snoopy1

    Snoopy1 640cc Uber Pimp

    One question do you have to build the plane or can you buy an ARF. (All most ready to fly). This has a big impact on the requirements and time to build.
    From reading your task requirements you need to design the plane in AutoCAD am I correct.
    Do not know why you selected an Edge as your subject it is not a beginners plane unless you have an experienced RC pilot.
    You do realize that with your flight requirements a high wing aircraft will do the job. It’s considerably easier to fly.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2020
    Tiger likes this.

  6. Tiger

    Tiger New to GSN!

    we have allotted a professional pilots which have a proper license from our government civil aviation but only for flying days they will not help us in making first thing. You gave me very good advice of making HIGH WINGER but we are not allowed to make this shape as it is made by 40 teams previously and they thought students might copy paste the previous designs and every year students are making the same designs. They strictly told us not to make any traditional design which has rectangular wings and fuselage otherwise the team has to face with penalty of 40-50 points. The society which is organizing this is IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers). For your confirmation sir I'm attaching our guide also. So this is the reason why I chose this design If you recommend us any other design along with its making I surely jump on that I respect your advice.

    Attached Files:

  7. Eduardo Schiavon

    Eduardo Schiavon New to GSN!

    I would love to help you with all the information you require. Please feel free to contact me on my email duschiavon@gmail.com
    Please use the subject name RC AIRPLANE
    Thank you and good luck
  8. AKNick

    AKNick 640cc Uber Pimp

    Sounds like you have quite the mission. This particular weight limits you to about a 60-70" wingspan if you can keep your building materials and techniques light. A petrol/gas engine would have to be about 20cc and under. As far as starting with a construction method I would consider using a three sided view drawing. Just type in Edge 540 plans in your web browser and you'll get lots of results.

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