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News Not going out of Business

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, May 18, 2017.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    Hi all:

    With the flying season reaching full swing we want to give you an update on the current status of JR Japan and JR Americas.

    As you know, there are many rumors out in the market regarding the status of both JR Japan, and JR Americas.

    Here is a listing, in no particular order, of the ACTUAL facts, that will hopefully allow you to dispel incorrect rumors you are likely fielding from your customers:

    1. JR Japan is NOT out of business. While they have downsized like most all RC companies of late, they are still in business.
    2. JR Americas is also NOT out of business. We are in the process of expanding our company into UAV industry, but we are still committed to the the RC side of our business. I was personally at a major UAV show recently, and I was surprised by all of the RC companies/people that were at the show, so we are not the only company expanding in this direction. We have also assumed all servicing for JR products, so we are busier here than ever.
    3. Production on many key products has resumed, although in a limited capacity. We are expecting production and supply to improve in the coming months.
    4. JR and Horizon Hobby ended our distribution/service partnership amicably. JR Americas initiated the termination of this relationship. With supply of JR products being limited, there was simply no way to continue to fill Horizon orders.
    5. JRA has taken over all distribution and servicing of JR products. When Horizon receives a repair from a customer, they simply forward these repairs over to JRA. Since both companies are located in Champaign, the transfer of service repairs is a seamless transition.
    6. We will soon be receiving a shipment of RG812BX and RG613BX receivers as well as other needed JR products, so product availability will be improving in the near future.
    With shipments of key products beginning to arrive, we are very optimistic that availability of JR products will continue to improve.

    We hope this information is useful, and can help you to defuse any customers that feel they know more about what is going on than you do.

    As you know, the RC market is as challenging as ever. While some companies choose to believe that everything is fine, but as many of you know, our market is in a recession, the likes of which I have never seen before, and this is my 36th year in the RC industry.

    With the recent changes in distribution, as our product availability improves, we hope you will see the value of promoting JR products to your customers over other brands.

    As you know, JR Americas does not compete for your customers sales like most distributors, so when you sell JR products, you can have the confidence that your customers will be coming back to your shop for their next JR purchase.

    We thank all of you for continuing to support the best brand of RC equipment in the industry.

    If you have any questions or JR products needs, please feel free to contact Chris Sheppard at: sales@jramericas.com.

    Thank you for your time, and as we receive additional updates, we will be sure to keep you updated.
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  2. flyerman

    flyerman New to GSN!

    Finally some straight talk and glad to see it in print.
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