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For Sale P40 Kitty Hawk - Yellow Aircraft ARF

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale Kits, ARF's, parts, etc.' started by Agilefalcon, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Agilefalcon

    Agilefalcon New to GSN!

    P40 - pre-painted and weathered.
    Includes a massive spinner, pneumatic landing gear (incl. retracting tail wheel), pilot, scale wheels.
    It also has the painted cockpit interior.

    I won't be able to ship this unless you really want me to build a box for it. I am willing to drive 125miles to deliver if need be.

    88" wingspan, 67" long (not incl. spinner length). Will suit an engine from 36cc - 60cc. I have a Fuji engine for it (36cc) which would make it scale in flight.

    Model, including the accessories mentioned above is $3,200. I am asking for $1,500.

    I have more pictures and can email those to you if you are genuinely interested.
    Chris IMG_4171.JPG IMG_4150.jpg IMG_4141.jpg IMG_4152.jpg IMG_4162.JPG IMG_4139.jpg
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