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Road to Top Gun — Dino DiGiorgio’s X-Class Tucano

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    Competing at Top Gun since 1992, Dino DiGiorgio really doesn’t need an introduction to those interested in scale RC. Winner of nine Top Gun titles, Dino is competing this year in the new X-Class with his 90-inch span Tucano.


    Designed for ARF models only, this class is intended to be a competition between aircraft that come out of the box pre-finished by the manufacturer. Only weathering the model is allowed. Dino’s Tucano is an ARF design from Juniaer, a Brazilian company. The model weights 29 pounds ready to fly and it has a DLE 55 RA gas engine for power turning a 22×10 XOAR propeller. The scale landing gear are also produced in Brazil by Johnny Simões.


    Officialy nicknamed “The Brazilian Mustang” the Tucano the model represents has been in 30 years of service and is known as the ” Froot Loops”. Dino is using a Spektrum DX-18 radio system and Spektrum servos and has installed a Cortex Demon gyro. Last year, Dino took First Place in Pro Am with my father’s Ziroli Dauntless and First Place in Unlimited with a Meister Scale Zero that was built by Toshiaki Nakayama of Japan.


    Dino will again be competing in the Unlimited Class as part of Team Meister with Toshiaki’s Zero which he purchase last year. The zero is powered with a Moki 150 and uses a Spektrum DX-18 radio and JR Servos. It features Sierra retracts converted to electric by “Down and Locked”, and also has a Cortex Demon gyro.

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