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New Product The Crack Camel

Discussion in 'Foamies' started by Rolling.Circle, May 1, 2017.

  1. Please welcome, The Crack Camel from Twisted

    Crack Camel Pic (1).JPG Crack_Camel_Blue__48628.1493564197.jpg

    We're breaking all the rules yet again with our new Crack Camel! Twisted Hobbys has taken the feel and concept of WWI flying machines and daredevil pilots to fantastic new places. Our customers have asked for us to create a worthy adversary to the well known Crack Fokker so they can duel it out in 3D flying and WWI dog-fighting. With a wide speed range and silly aerobatics at your fingertips, she is more fun than you can imagine. The Crack Camel will not disappoint! Streamer combat anyone?

    We have two looks to choose from. The paint on these birds has been inspired by classic schemes; keeping true to the Sopwith Camel's roots.

    Like all Twisted Hobbys models, fitment and quality is superior. Building is really a pleasure with the latest 3d printed hardware. The new hardware eliminates excess weight, increases durability and removes unwanted play from all the control surface connections. Depending on how long your build sessions are, this model can be in the air in anywhere from 1-3 nights.

    As usual, Twisted Hobbys has taken it's time selecting the correctly matched electronics for the Crack Camel. You will find the appropriate electronics available as a convenient power combo right on the Twisted Hobbys website


    Recommended stock setup is 2s 600-800mah w/ 9x4.7 or 3s 450-600mah w/ 8x4DD for advanced pilots.

    Enjoy the look of a classic Sopwith Camel with flight characteristics you have only dreamed of coming from a WW1 bipe.

    Now its time to take on all your buddies that have Twisted's Fokker Dr.1!

    Model Spec’s:
    Wing Span = 35”
    Length = 28.5”
    AUW = 8.2 oz (depending on lipo size)
    Recommended Required Electronics:
    25-30g 1400-1500kv Out Runner Brush-less Motor
    10-20A ESC
    (4) 7-9g Servos
    2s 600mah Lipo Battery
    9x4.7 Slow Fly Prop
    Adhesive Glue (Beacon or Welders)

    And, here is some video of her in flight which will hopefully peak your interests. Seeing the thing fly always helps, right? In this video I am flying a 3S 600 mAh pack from Twisted and the 30g 1500 kv motor. I love the setup. I have 7g DMG servos all around and it's just a 12a ESC. This Crack Camel is a blast. :)

    I put one pack on the plane, flew her around the yard in 5-10 mph winds, gusting maybe 15, and began video on the second pack. I didn't even trim the plane up yet. Control surface throws are great and she really performs well. The wheels roll right over all the grass in my yard. She never even tries to nose over and she lands light as a feather.

    If you have any questions or issues, don't hesitate. We are here to support our fellow modelers and to make sure you have a great experience.
    Last edited: May 1, 2017
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  2. Sweet looking foamie. Probably grab one after I wear out the Fokkers.
  3. Great to hear, Mike. You and Dennis can do streamer combat :big_yes:
    pawnshopmike likes this.
  4. Lol. @Decal Dennis and I don't need streamers for combat. Every time we fly foamies it's game on!:yesss:


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