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The Ultimate Accessory for your Scale Airplane — Best Pilots’ Full-body pilots

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    The name says it all. In our opinion, Lyle Vasser of Best Pilots is known for simply making the best-looking, most historically accurate pilot figures you can get anywhere. Most are approximately 1/5-scale and his scale reproductions are of actual WW II pilots including USMC Pappy Boyington, U.S. Army Air Corps. Bob Sweeney, R.A.F. Sailor Malan, German Ace Gunther Rall, and Japanese Ace Saburo Sakai. Best Pilots also has a 1/4-scale WW I pilot “Lothar von Richtofen” and a few generic 1/8-scale bomber crew figures in various poses.

    [​IMG]Best Pilots also offers an impressive service where you can send photos of yourself to Lyle (or any other person for that matter), and he will then turn it into an ultra-realistic 3D printed face. He then matches it to one of his other scale figures. Available painted and unpainted, the quality and detail of all Best Pilot figures (molded from Lyle’s clay originals), are absolutely astonishing.

    Prices range from $215 – $385, depending on size


    This intrepid airman is actually the 1/4-scale “Lothar von Richtofen” with a face job. That pilot in the Sopwith Camel is the unmistakable mug of our own editor Gerry Yarrish who sent in some photos to Lyle for the 3D printed pilot makeover. Everyone who sees Gerry and his Camel at the flightline always does a double take!


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