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throttle curve

Discussion in 'Radio Programming Questions' started by wedoitall, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. do you guys mess with your throttle curve setting on your radios? i tried to play with mine today but didnt have any luck on getting it where i wanted. but it was windy and only flew 2 batterys.

    when i attempt noobular hovers , it seems like i have to move the left stick quite abit to see a change in thrust, when im trying to make flight control corrections. i would like to set up throttle curve to make the movement of the stick less to see a change in thrust. seems like somewhere between the 50-85 percent range on the stick is where its giving me problems. its just kinda awkward for me to move the sticks that far to correct, like im trying to catching up. i feel if i can tweak this, itll help me out some. plus ill learn something new :thumbup:

    if theres anybody that uses throttle curve setting in their radios, can you lead me in the right direction for me to learn how to set this up correctly. also if i set this up i prolly should i use the expo option?
  2. I have set my throttle curve on my DA-60 powered 87" SHP. Too much power coming in to quick so I use a curve now. Before I had a radio that has throttle curve I did the same thing with expo on the throttle. None of my electrics have a curve on the throttle.

    I did it by trial and error, I first set the 50% stick at 40% power to begin with and dialed it down from there till the throttle felt right to me in a hover.
  3. seems like on mine with curve set normal. between 60-80 percent not enough power/punch . so when im attempting to correct flight controls in hover theres almost a lag. im having to move the sticks to far and having to stay "behind" the plane. and if i stay in the 75-95 percent range my plane wants to climb . maybe ill try just throttle expo. heading out right now to fly, so ill give it a try. the expo.
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  4. Are you talking gas or electric? If electric did you program/set your ESC endpoints maybe.
  5. electric. one day gas....one day

  6. Space Bat

    Space Bat 50cc

    I have a throttle curve setup which I can use if desire....

    This also has idle up at same time....it brings in the power earlier and allows for a better feel around mid stick where 70% of power is available...
  7. Dr. Gonzo

    Dr. Gonzo 70cc twin V2

    This is an old topic but I have been battling this issue latley. I just built a new WMparkflyers MX2 and have been working ilon my hovers in the livingroom. I played with curves and speed control timing. I had a big lag in response. When using the trottle curve I could not get my speed control to arm. It just beeped at me. I did activate throttle hold on a switch like we do on the bigger planes to work around this. In the end up trim to Idle and a couple clicks back has been the ticket. I really dont want an idle on my indoor foamy. Any other tips out there?
  8. What Tx?

    I tell you a trick I just learned myself a few weeks ago. That helps both low and mid throttle response .Instead of using trim or jumping right in to a curve I adjust my end points. I first adjust my end points to 100 low and 125 on the high. You can play with this. Both at 150 or 125 or 100.

    Plug your battery in and go to your EPA screen on your Tx. We are gonna adjust our low first. Start by lowering your low until you get an idle . Once you prop is barely turning bump your low back up 2-3 points. Just enough to get your prop to stop. The last one I ended up with about 68 to get an idle and after I bumped it up 2 notches I ended up with 70 on the low. You may be different. I've tried this on a ZTW, Eflite, and a Airboss and each ended up with different settings .

    Try out the low and see if your throttle response is better. Like I said I tried that out on the esc's above with greatly improved results on low to mid throttle response.

    Now if your looking to improve your mid response you can up the high throttle EPA to get better response and alil more power mid stick and above. Like the last one I did my EPA Ended up being 70 on the low and 135 on the high.

    Also on my 6s planes I ended up with 142 on low and 150 on the high. One Esc I thought was malfunctioning until I did the low EPA method as above . I hope I explained this clearly , if not feel free to ask. I would highly suggest to try this out on all non-castle Esc .

    I found this out by playing around after almost crashing a new plane because the low to mid response was horrible. So far this has worked on every auto calibrating Esc I've tried .
  9. Dr. Gonzo

    Dr. Gonzo 70cc twin V2

    Awesome! Radio is a dx8. Motrolfly speed control. I will try it when I get home from work tonight. Seems like using trim it changes every time I plug in a new battery.The throttle setup has been the missing link.I have been making huge strides in my post stall flight since working on this. I can hover over a minute in my living room now without chasing it all over. Still working on torque rolls in the 8ft ceiling living room. Our great room has a 14 ft peaked ceiling. That is like childs play now. 8 packs a day doing nothing but hover makes a big difference.
  10. I have a dx9 so the setup will pretty much be the same so Cool try what I did if you don't like it swap it back.

    The only one I haven't really tested out is the 142 to 150 EPA . With both starting at 150. This idea got started by me asking if high EPA on throttle could improve anything , kinda like it does for resolution on servos .

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