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SOLD! Top Flite™ Giant P51D Mustang ARF BNF For Sale

Discussion in 'Airplanes, Gas/Glow' started by Tom Hintz, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Top Flite™ Giant P51D Mustang ARF for sale

    The Top Flite™ Giant P51D Mustang ARF comes ready for binding to your transmitter and set up to be ready for flight. The Top Flite™ Giant P51D Mustang ARF and all of its equipment are essentially new with less than 20 flights on the plane and radio gear. (I have an opportunity to build a twin engine plane….) The EME60 was also brand new for this plane and isn’t really broken in yet. The Robart electric retracts were also new for this plane.

    Top Flite™ Giant P51D Mustang ARF comes with Spektrum AR9110 Power Safe 9 channel receiver with its “soft switch”. HiTec HS-5495BH servos were used to be sure they did not lack torque and to make them more useable in another plane down the road. Power for the radio and servos comes from a pair of Glacier 7.4V, 5000mAh battery packs. You can literally fly all day with this much battery capacity.

    The Top Flite™ Giant P51D Mustang ARF has never been crashed and no other problems have been noted through the 20 or so flights on this plane. It flies nice and like all Top Flite™ giant scale planes, lands easily at full flaps and a touch of power. This plane also comes with a custom made FlyingRC.net Protector Set (custom-made wing bag and tail feather covers and canopy sun cover).

    See the link below for my build story sequence for this plane.


    I want $1000.00 for this Top Flite™ Giant P51D Mustang ARF in bind and fly condition. The Top Flite™ Giant P51D Mustang ARF is at my home in Concord, NC. Contact me at thintz@ctc.net with questions or to buy the Top Flite™ Giant P51D Mustang ARF.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017

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