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UMX Sbach 3D BNF

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by djmoose, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. djmoose

    djmoose 70cc twin V2

    Product Description
    e2-sbach-342-top.jpg e-flite_umx_sbach_342_3d.jpg EFLU4950-GAL11.jpg EFLU4950-GAL14.jpg
    Key Features
    • AS3X® System for outstanding precision and 3D aerobatics
    • Spektrum™ AS6410NBL DSMX® 6-channel AS3X Receiver w/BL ESC
    • High output 180BL, 2500Kv brushless outrunner power system
    • Authentic paint scheme and tinted windshield
    • Two SFG Technology® wing fences enhance 3D performance
    • Four-channel control with steerable tail wheel
    • Smooth-molded construction with carbon fiber reinforcement
    • Performance, linear long-throw servos help deliver crisp response
    • Officially licensed

    Needed To Complete
    - 4+ channel DSM2 or DSMX transmitter
    - 2S 7.4V 180mAh Li-Po battery
    - 2S Li-Po balancing charger

    The E-flite® UMX™ Sbach® 342 3D BNF Basic is a scale ultra micro RC airplane conveniently sized to fly at a park, large backyard or indoor space. Designed by world-class competition pilot and designer Mike McConville, it delivers incredible performance for precision aerobatics and extreme 3D. Thanks to its AS3X® stabilization system, it is truly amazing how much this UMX Sbach 342 3D performs like an expertly tuned Giant-Scale airplane. Whether you want to fly smooth scale maneuvers or wild 3D moves, AS3X technology gives you an amplified sense of authority and stability, even in moderately windy conditions.


    Looks pretty cool...and a nice price.
  2. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

  3. Aaeolien

    Aaeolien 70cc twin V2

    Looks like a cool new version of the sbach. Original flew well enough. I won't be getting one since I've unloaded all my micro stuff.
  4. It looks really cool! I'd get one if I didn't have an 8FG(S).
  5. I really like the color scheme. Only wish it was bigger. Buuuuuuut, I guess I could use a micro in the hanger.

  6. I have the original one. I put a v1 beast motor in it. The lower kv allows me to run a 6" prop instead of he stock 5". Improves the tail authority for some mild 3d stuff. It flys great stock but is a little fast for me so instead of running a 5043 prop I run a 6030. Its a fun little plane and can handle some wind.
  7. I love in their product video "SFG Technology©". Yes, that is some groundbreaking stuff there!

    But I would definitely like to try hucking one of those.
  8. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    I want to know how they copyrighted it!
  9. Because no other RC vendor has had the audacity to slap a buzzword on the end of SFG before and try to make it seem like they invented something great.
  10. djmoose

    djmoose 70cc twin V2

    I noticed that as well.


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