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Workshop Video Tip — Improve your ground handling — add the E/Z Brake kit

Discussion in 'Giant Scale News' started by GSNadmin, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    A great accessory for RC pilots who fly off of smooth paved runways, or for those flying off of short flying fields, the E/Z Brake kit give you great stopping power. The Du-Bro E/Z Brake is also ideal for scale models allowing you to lock the wheels and then spool up yout engine then release them for a full power departure.


    The easily assembled E/Z Brake works for either main gear or as a nose wheel braking system. After installation, a common method to activate the brakes is to attach the brake line to the elevator servo and utilize the trim to engage the brake. The tension can be adjusted so the brake can be on or off or even include a range of braking power allowing partial braking upon taxiing and turning.

    Available in 1 Set packages the E/Z Brake works with 5/32″ (.156″) and 4mm landing gear axles with the following DU-BRO wheels 2.25″-3.5″ T, TL, SL, DL, R series

    Designed to work with the Du-Bro 5/32 inch Nose wheel set, (or main gear), the E/Z Braking system is easy to install.


    Give the E/Z Braking system a try, it provides a whole new range of scale function to sport and scale airplanes.

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