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Club Winter Build Projects

Published by Bill Hand in the blog Bill Hand's blog. Views: 1492

With the ground white for a while, I have moved my RC activities to the workbench. As a club project, we are building the BMJR Super Sniffer kit powered by a COX .049 "Baby Bee" nitro engine (Don Gaston's article in the Nov 2017 issue of Model Aviation).

For many club members, this is a return to their childhood or it is a totally new experience. The beauty of a project like this is it gives Modern RC guys a chance to experience what "free flight" model aviation is like with the "bail out" of having RC elevator-rudder control. Since there is no motor control, skill must be developed to use glide and timing to be successful.

Where we fly in Central Oregon, our asphalt landing surface is bordered by high-desert sagebrush; not very forgiving if you come down in it.

During this month, we have had 2 formal building group sessions. We will finish this process with a "covering" session this week.

We plan to hold a simple contest this summer with these planes. It will be fun to see, smell ,and hear the sound of several planes taking off in "mass formation". Our "giant scale" flight since the combined wingspread will be over 15 feet.

I will keep you posted on the progress
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