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From HobbyKing: The easiest way to turn your Turnigy Eclipse 2K Action Camera into an FPV Camera is using the Turnigy Eclipse Action Camera FPV Docking Station. The Eclipse just slides and locks into the docking station for easy use and removal. The docking station can...
From Tower Hobbies: What better way to win air races than with a plane patterned after the popular P-51 Mustang? Its speed and agility made it a dominant dogfighter during its combat career, and now you can take the checkered flag with a quality-built replica of an...
From Tower Hobbies: Flying a P-51 Mustang model is always special. Flying a scale replica of the P-51B “Berlin Express” takes it to another level, and now you can experience the thrill of piloting the same warbird made famous by Lt. Bill Overstreet during WWII! Tower...
I’m sure most of us out there have spent hours to complete something that makes us proud or happy. This week, one Niles man had something that took 30 years stolen from him. Jared Owens is an avid remote control car and plane collector. He had been storing his collection in the garage of one of his...
Hey everyone... I am looking for a complete exhaust system for my DLE 111. I prefer MTW 75 front dump and DA/MTW headers. Will consider rear dump if really nice. Not interested in accordion style headers. Any one have something they would consider parting with?
Happy Easter everyone! Many thanks to my Heavenly Father for what I believe He did and keeps doing for all of us! Blessings! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Both Hawker Hunters are powered by JetCat P-140 Rxi engines with JR 28x radio and Powerbox iGyro 3e. This model is 1:6 scale of the full size aircraft. Wingspan is 1.71 metres and length 2.34 metres.
Capably flown by Dave Wilshere (https://www.motorsandrotors.co/). Powered by a JetCat 90RXi.
Traveling from Picayune, Mississippi, Phillip Koury will be competing in the Expert class with his impressive Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat. Built with laser cut parts for the Jerry Bates plans, Phil’s 1/5-scale Wildcat was not build it initially for scale competition....
Lotta word floating around about RedWing...... Went to the site to look for a new plane and they had 2 different planes available and that is it... Any insiders know anything about this? 50% OFF???