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Good afternoon everyone. I'd like to invite you to the Memphis Prop Busters Fall 3D Fly-In October 17-19. In the past, we have had this event in the spring, but we're now moving it to the fall.

As many of you have heard, the famous Merigold, MS event is but a memory, but we're bound and determined to bring the...
Starting Friday Sept 12 through the 14th is the 4th edition of the Great Canadian Huckfest.

All 3D all the time. About 45 pilots are registered.

Many will be arriving friday throughout the day and camping on site for the weekend.

A few of us will be taking photos and video. I will post here. Cheers
Not a good start on Thursday...cold (mid-40's), rainy, but no wind - yet:rolleyes-new:

Here are some shots of some planes from the early-arrivers.

Just a test

16847=11662-IMG_7464.jpg 16847=11660-IMG_7474_resized.jpg[​IMG]
Here is the pictures that I took while attending the Red Bull Air Races in Dallas. I have to re-size them so stand by and I will get them started as so as they are ready to go.

Sleepy, not fast or loose on compliments but we are very lucky to have you doing all this for us! I appreciate all your hard work even though I know you are enthusiastic and enjoy it much.

Great Job!
15283=8751-2014SpookFest copy.jpg
Galion Eagle Squadron will be having the

Ohio 3DHS Fly Low In Spookfest 2014

Our 5th annual fall fly-in will be the biggest and best yet. Come out and join us October 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th for friends, food, and most importantly, FLYING! Chase off the fall blues with some extreme 3D, relax and hang...
Is anyone going to this event? If so, I'd like to meet up with you sometime.....:joyous:
Who's going to the NEAT Fair? Staying for the weekend?


The plan was to be there for the day on Saturday but it's looking more like I'll be heading up there...
Here is a video one of the members put together from their event