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August 15 - 17

(With August 16 National

Model Aviation Day)

• Props, jets... anything Giantscale!

• Noon-time air show on Saturday

• Pilot Awards

• Landing fee is $15

Contact: Lee Buskirk, CD 610-751-1464

Bob Tursack, Co CD 610-308-9926

Dave Malchione, Co CD...
Hey guys, I have loved doing event coverage the past 8 years and I didn't want to half ass it with this new venture. (Also my old employers took all my stuff even though I had burned out all my personal gear during the first 4 years...)

So to help me out my good buddy Fred Midgett was kind enough to offer me...
Ok here we go! Sent to me by Herve from PAU!

2335=1177-IMG_0357.jpg 2335=1178-IMG_0358.jpg[​IMG]...
Bomber Field in Monaville, TX is once again hosting The Rally Of The Giants for District VIII. We have been working HARD to get things just as nice as possible! The field looks great, the trophies have been ordered, and the guy's are pumped! Come on out and enjoy some of the best flying in Texas!

August 23rd...
Anyways, this is the 3rd year for this event, held in Dayton, OH. Usually have a couple of local hotshots show off a little around noon. This event is open to anyone with current AMA membership. Doesn't matter what you fly, the field is friendly to what you bring. We have had jets in and out of there, but it is...
2048=1105-Dan river fly-in 2014.jpg
[url=http://giantscalenews.com/wp-content/uploads/attachments/2048=1105-Dan river fly-in 2014.jpgWell I tried to attach a file. Back to the drawing board.
I'm still going through all of my pics, but here's a handful to get you started.

If anybody wants any of the full size pictures, just PM me the numbers you want along with your email and I'll send them to you. The photo numbers are directly above the photo.

1576=771-2014 Clover Creek Fall Fly In Flyer V1.jpg
You opened your flying year at the Joe Nall now close your year at Clover Creek Aerodrome!

Clover Creek Fall Fly In

September 25-28, 2014

1576=771-2014 Clover Creek Fall Fly In Flyer V1.jpg[​IMG]
YOU ARE INVITED! October 9th - 12th, 2014 - Fly Apache Pass will be hosting "The Ice House Fly-In". Bring anything you have to fly (Airplanes, Heli, FPV and come out and have a good time) Everyone is welcome to come hang out, fly, have a great time with great friends, and experience our version...
The Kennett Rc Flyers Present

The 3d Bash

Fly Lower, Harder,Faster


4-7 September 2014

Kennett rc Flyers Field, Kennett Missouri