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  1. -Rick-

    Scale Wendell Hostetler 30% PA-28 Cherokee Build

    PFU? I somewhat agree with you but.... I could not live without servo reversing, expo and many other things in these "computer radios". Both my crashes were because I did dumb things! First one because I was giving a demonstration to a group of developmentally challenged people, I was doing a...
  2. -Rick-

    Scale Wendell Hostetler 30% PA-28 Cherokee Build

    I know how you feel. I recently crashed both my 70cc Vertigos, by what I call dumb thumbs on the radio programing. Both planes are repairable.
  3. -Rick-

    The 'What did you do in your workshop tonight?' thread

    Most planes need right thrust. I always build 3~4 degrees in.
  4. -Rick-

    Scale PJ 295

    Okay, okay!! But I have to wait till the weather turns here, much to nice to not go flying!!
  5. -Rick-

    Scale PJ 295

    I sent a PM back to you... Does your plans show any right thrust built in? I do not believe mine do and I'm sure I want about 3 degrees built in. Not sure about down thrust. This is only the second biplane I have built in a very long time. And by the way, glad to see you here!!
  6. -Rick-

    Scale PJ 295

    I will be putting a RCGF Stinger 70cc twin in mine. I have had very good luck with these engines. They are not as strong as the big names but oh so reliable! Mine can idle down to 900rpm but will sit all day at 1000rpm. We have a smaller field so that helps to bring the planes in. I also read...
  7. -Rick-

    Scale PJ 295

    Yes, I have heard of the Walt Moucha Models kit. I would not be surprised if my kit is the same. When I have a chance to get the plans out I will see if there is any mention of WMM. And yes my plans are also for the PJ 295 or 260. Also a two cockpit version, which might be for the 260. I will...
  8. -Rick-

    Resurrection U Can Do 60 Repair

    U Can Do, so many people love them!
  9. -Rick-

    Scale PJ 295

    HaHaHaHa!! When does the build start is more like it! And this is not a simple sig kit, its going to tax the brain cells!
  10. -Rick-

    Scale PJ 295

    Has anyone here built a older kit from Trillium balsa, a 1/4 scale PJ 295? I was given this kit from a very kind gentleman and will be building it this coming winter. When he told me about the kit I had to look it up as I had never heard of this plane. It is a biplane and I believe my 70cc...
  11. -Rick-

    Scale Nelitz 1/3 scale Cub build

    You do great work, you have talent!
  12. -Rick-

    Discussion The I’m Going/Went Flying Thread

    Looks like the best way to spend your lunch break!
  13. -Rick-

    Red Arrows fly formation with huge Avro Vulcan

    I did enjoy this one, nice!
  14. -Rick-

    Near bird strike distracts RC airliner pilot

    I am not into jets but that looked good! We would never be allowed to fly that close to full scale airplanes here in Ontario Canada. I guess the rules in Europe are more relaxed than ours.
  15. -Rick-

    Scale Nelitz 1/3 scale Cub build

    Sorry for loss, when they are at that age we kinda expect them to go but are still shocked when it happens. I was, for my 96 year old mother last year.