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  1. bigblueswope

    Why Drones Are Scaring The Feds

    Here's an interesting PDF on the subject. I haven't read it yet but figured I'd share here for disucssion. http://remotecontrolproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Hostile-use-of-drones-report_open-briefing.pdf A synopsis on Slashdot says this: Even though the report notes that commercial...
  2. bigblueswope

    A More Effective Solution to the Drone Problem?

  3. bigblueswope

    Engine Troubleshooting Ideas

    All, I'm helping a new guy at the field tune his RCGF engine. We start it up, lean the High needle for Max RPMs and then go to idle and start leaning the Low needle. The problem is that as we lean the Low, the idle RPMs rise to 2500-300. We can see the carb arm is closed all the way. If we...
  4. bigblueswope


    I saw this in the classified section of another website and figured it's worth posting all over the place. This is a list and picture of Airplanes and equipment that was stolen from my Trailer in Marion, AR. I was notified of the theft and was set to buy the planes back with the help of the...
  5. bigblueswope

    New Battery Manufacturing Improvments...

    Hopefully this will help cut the cost of LiPo as well... http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/15/06/25/1556203/new-manufacturing-technique-halves-cost-of-lithium-ion-batteries
  6. bigblueswope

    How To Share An Opinion Without Being An Ass

    http://www.doctornerdlove.com/2015/06/how-to-share-your-unpopular-opinion-without-being-an-******* BJ Swope
  7. bigblueswope

    Technically Not Nall 2015

    ...but was the first Sunday of Nall, at my home field, prepping for Joe Nall and I was pushing (too hard) to maiden my Extreme Flight 88" Edge. Notice how soon the tail comes off the ground, as well as how during the roll the nose keeps trying to go to the ground, keep an eye on the left...
  8. bigblueswope

    Camera Woes...

    @thelaw, I'm getting spots on my pics. The attached image shows them pretty clearly. I thought my lens was dirty, but the spots are in the same place even when I switch lenses. That means that the camera itself has dirt in it. I was just about to ask you how to clean it but then it occurred...
  9. bigblueswope

    Secret Footage of 3-D Printed Engine Baffle Process

    @ghoffman, Snuck into your shop the other day and filmed you printing those baffles...
  10. bigblueswope

    Extreme Flight Container Just Unloaded

    Anybody waiting to order an out of stock EF plane or the not yet announced for US 74" Edge, get on the horn. They just unloaded the container this morning! :woohoo!:
  11. bigblueswope

    A Worthwhile Crowdfunded Opportunity

    Wow, just realized how spammy that title sounded but Apache Pass is trying to build a world class flying field and fly-in. If everybody chips in a few bucks we can all help them achieve their dreams. http://www.gofundme.com/apachepass BJ Swope
  12. bigblueswope

    Article on making fiberglass cowls

  13. bigblueswope

    Just found my new simulator seat.

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/200903157958?roken2=tf.pSEM=.bTlM=.g95.cfb#prclt-N1Oqf20R BJ Swope
  14. bigblueswope

    Sleepy's Going Back....

    So it would appear from my FaceBook feed... BJ Swope
  15. bigblueswope

    DA 50 Fuel Tank Size?

    What size tank would you recommend for 10-15 minutes of mostly 3D flying? I'm not talking the high energy, wtfo, flying. Harriers, hovering, rollers etc... BJ Swope
  16. bigblueswope

    Servo City Giving Back...

    https://www.servocity.com/html/servocity_scholarship.html#.VLcfxMO9KrU This is super cool! BJ Swope
  17. bigblueswope

    Visiting the Air Force Academy

    I'll post more pics after I reduce their size.
  18. bigblueswope

    Visiting the Air Force Academy

    I'll post more pics after I reduce their size. 20706=13302-DSC02477-2.jpg 20706=13301-DSC02477.jpg 20706=13303-IMG_1489.jpg
  19. bigblueswope

    Send SleepyC to Huck-O-Ween!

    So Sleepy said it would take $500 to get him to Huck-O-Ween IV coming up at the end of October in Iron City, GA. Well I figured we have enough members here that we could all chip in $5 and get him there so I started a Kick Starter Campaign where we can all chip in a few bucks and get 'er...
  20. bigblueswope

    Bring back the shame!

    15cc NOOB, what a bunch of poppycock! Noobs start with glow! 16414=11579-noob.png]