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  1. Bipeguy03

    Sport The Kool Kanary (Giant Hot Kanary)

    Building season is once again upon us, and for me it's time for another scratch built bipe. Some of you may remember during my Krier Kraft build, that a friend of my Grampa Micky gave me boxes full of plans and molds for some of the airplanes that he and grampa built in the 80s. In those boxes...
  2. Bipeguy03

    SOLD! Smart-Fly EQ6 Turbo W/ Ignition Kill & Reg $140

    Downsizing to more 30-50cc sized airplanes and selling off some of my larger stuff to fund my next scratch build project. Comes with Fiber Optic kill switch receiver as well as an ignition regulator for older ignition modules that won't take 2s lipos. Will also come with more Fiber Optic cable...
  3. Bipeguy03

    SOLD! DLE 120, Prop and spinner combo $625

    Putting my DLE 120 with a Falcon 29x9 Wide Prop and polished 5" Tru-Turn up for sale. The engine has less than a gallon of fuel ran through it with an oil mixture of 32-1. Never crashed, no prop strikes, not even broke in yet. Still have the original box and paperwork. The prop is a like...
  4. Bipeguy03

    Scale 25% Krier Kraft build, a tribute to grampa.

    WHERE THE IDEA CAME FROM Well, I've been itching to build for awhile because as much as I love my PAU ARFs nothing compares to the feeling of flying a plane you created from a box of stick. I had fun rebuilding my Pitts but again, it was a rebuild. Now I have been considering the Hostetler...
  5. Bipeguy03

    Wanted Sheber S-1S plans

    Hey guys, So I'm putting together an RC Guys Pitts for a friend and my dad has been drooling over it in my shop for the last week and a half. But anyone that has put one of them together knows that they are good flying airplanes but they are expensive as H*LL for the quality. So dad is...
  6. Bipeguy03

    For Sale Couple of Glow Birds, Kenton Ohio See post for price

    Have a couple of glow airplanes that I don't fly anymore, both are great airplanes but the giant scale and small electrics have taken all of my time. First up is a modified Nitro Planes .40 sized Ultimate Bipe. -Recovered with genuine MonoKote (not the crapkote that came with it) -Modified...
  7. Bipeguy03

    Indoor Monocoupe anyone?

    Going into winter/indoor season and I'm laid off of work right now so I don't have the cash to build a giant scale but thought I put together something different for indoor season. Went old school and decided to do a conversion on an old Sig Monocoupe 90. 3 channel with 5 gram servos and a 2...
  8. Bipeguy03

    SOLD! Like New DLE 170 W/Prop $725 Kenton, Ohio

    Got a Practically new DLE 170, only ran about 4 tanks of gas through it and it has only been in the air ONCE. I haven't even touched the needles yet. Had the engine on a Trueworthy 35% Pitts but it had stupid crazy power and I bought a 120 for it, and my next project is going to have a 111 so...
  9. Bipeguy03

    Kit Suppliers

    Okay guys so I bought me a set of plans at Toledo, been toying with the idea of building this one for a while and I finally made up my mind that I'm going to do it. So I'm going to start collecting things for the build. My question, what are your experiences with the different kit cutters...
  10. Bipeguy03


    Hey guys, Well as some of you may have seen on a couple of my other posts on here the other day I learned someone had gotten ahold of my Debit card number and drained my bank account of over a grand in 8 separate transactions on PlayStation crap. Well I've been in contact everyday with my...
  11. Bipeguy03

    Airtronics Users

    Okay, I've read through a bunch of threads here in the radio forum and finally I don't feel so alone!! Most of the time when I go to Giant Scale events I'm surrounded by Futaba and JR and Spectrum users (all are great by the way!) but it's good to know I'm not the only guy flying things other...
  12. Bipeguy03

    Show Me the Biplanes!!!!

    Okay, as if my username isn't obvious enough, I'm a bipe fanatic! So, I wanna see pictures and stories of your favorite 2 winged flying machines!! If one wing is good, two has got to be better!!! I'm sure you've seen my 2 on other forums but since I'm here and have a big head I'll show 'em again.
  13. Bipeguy03

    New Maneuver?

    Okay all you hard core 3-D guys got something for you. While playing around with my PAU Ultimate last summer I wanted to see just how tight of a rolling circle I could do. I found that with the right amount of power management I can do a Rolling circle in just over the wingspan of the...
  14. Bipeguy03

    RC Airplane Memes

    Okay guys we've all seen memes when we log into our Facebook pages, funny pictures with even funnier captions, maybe you've even made a couple. So lets see some funny RC themed memes, here's a couple to start off!!
  15. Bipeguy03

    Who's gotta Mustang?

    Well, the past 2 semesters of college I've really noticed most of the student pilots, and even those who are working on their commercial ratings drive Mustangs. I always knew Airplanes and Mustang went together like apple pie and ice cream!! :D Now I've had mine for 10 years this...
  16. Bipeguy03

    Kyle AND Skip

    I truly believe, this is the best full scale video on the internet.... ENJOY!! http://vimeo.com/70966693
  17. Bipeguy03

    50cc Extra 300 SP

    Okay, so I thought I'd go ahead and get a Support thread for the 50cc Extra going. And to start, I have a question. I'm running a DLE 55 in mine and I cannot seem to get the engine to stay tight on the firewall. I'm using the standard DLE stand-offs and needed to add another 1/2...
  18. Bipeguy03

    D.o.g.s 2014

    Hey guys, just thought I should get it posted on here to remember the North Of the D.O.G.S airshow is coming up! They are having it at the Sidney, Ohio airport August 29th to the 31st. The N.M.U.S.A.F is only having one event per year now so in the odd years they are having the show at...
  19. Bipeguy03

    Bipeguy has arived!!!

    Hey everyone, I got the word from Herve that this is the place to be now. :) So what's everyone up to?