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  1. cam4569

    For Sale 3DHS 106 Edge 540

    Up for sale unfortunately is my new-ish 3DHS 106 Edge. The plane has flown only twice, due to some unexpected expenses I have to let this one go. I did not spare expense when I built this bird, the only part that was not new was the receiver. Savox servos all around, all the servo leads are...
  2. cam4569

    3DHS Extreme Flight Slick 580 60" Build and review

    I got an opportunity to stop by and see @SupaTim at Northwest RC yesterday. What a great experience. I will admit I did a little drooling at first. His shop is clean and organized, he knew where everything was and had me set up in a matter of minutes. I picked up a 3DHS Slick 580 60" in the...
  3. cam4569

    HobbyKing Piaget EPP build log

    Ok so as I was looking for another (backup) indoor flier I came across this Hobbyking EPP plane. for 41 dollars I figured it was a decent deal and worth a shot. Total with all the extras needed this plane can be built for under 75 dollars, not bad when the last EPP plane I built cost double...
  4. cam4569

    Real Flight 7.5 Planes

    What planes do you all practice with in RF7.5 (or earlier versions)? what planes seem to be the most realistic compared to flying the real thing? It seems that I can do so much more on a simulator than I can in person it feels more like a video game then a simulator for some models I have been...
  5. cam4569

    Building U-Can-Do SF

    I am looking to build a U-Can-Do SF. Spec's say weight is 7.25 lbs I am looking at the Tacon Big Foot 60 brushless (400KV), ZTW Gecko 85A ESC and powering it with dual 3s 3000mah 20c which I have from my apprentice that I would run as a 6S set up. any thoughts on this set up? On a semi budget...