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  1. dominicm

    New FMS Rafale 64mm EDF. Does it fly slow high alpha ?

    Quite well apparently...in a nice wind !
  2. dominicm

    Surface to air missiles pursue my F-14 Tomcat

    Too much fun this Fattie F-14 since I converted it to EDF...
  3. dominicm

    3D printed Abrams P-1 Explorer

    After 2 months of 3D printing parts and quite a lot longer to assemble; paint and weather, James' Abrams P-1 Explorer was ready for its first flight. He was just a little nervous but he needn't have been. It was an amazing success ! This fully 3D printable RC airplane was designed and developed...
  4. dominicm

    Turbine F/A-18 with some operational scale features

    Operational air brake and canopy make this F/A-18 that bit more realistic together with some nice flying by Azza at Southern Model Show...
  5. dominicm

    F-14 Tomcat converted to twin 50mm EDF jet

    Lighter 4S2700 pack and it flew so much better !
  6. dominicm

    F-14 Tomcat converted to twin 50mm EDF jet

    Takes a bit of effort to convert from the pusher to twin EDF using the upgrade kit from Enjoy2Fly. I removed the landing gear as not suitable for grass and to save weight. This flight is on 4S4000 which was a bit heavy but still flew. Flight on 4S2700 filmed yesterday which transformed the...
  7. dominicm

    Squall thrust vectored EDF jet. It's back and it's bigger...

    I had great fun with the original Phase 3 Squall back in 2010. It's back...and it's bigger.
  8. dominicm

    40% RC flies aerobatics with full size Extra 300S

    Mike Williams flying his 40% scale RC Extra 330 via radio control flies with Chris Burkett flying the Extra 300S from the cockpit. In the sky you wouldn't know which was which !
  9. dominicm

    2 metre Avanti sport jet converted to electric

    I know right ! Crazy but it's fun to prove it can be done. :D
  10. dominicm

    2 metre Avanti sport jet converted to electric

    Latest flight of my 2 metre Avanti sport jet running a Schubeler EDF system. Equivalent to a 90N turbine system so flies well now I have reduced the flight pack to 14S6000.
  11. dominicm

    Spitfire engine quits but can he land safely?

    A demonstration of great skill by this pilot when the engine on his Spitfire quits and he has to execute a down wind landing to stand any chance of getting it home safely
  12. dominicm

    Cartoon fattie style F-14 Tomcat

    Something different ! Cartoon interpretation of an F-14 Tomcat. Goes together easily but has a couple of issues which caused a take off failure on the 1st attempt. 2nd attempt good though and looked awesome in the air !
  13. dominicm

    P-47 Thunderbolt crashes into tree

    It can even happen to the best RC pilots
  14. dominicm

    Double EDF jet hand launch !?

    Double EDF jet launch and some hilarious action while the guys try to fly through the trees of doom !
  15. dominicm

    22 ft wingspan twin engine DH.88 Comet

    Steve Holland flies his exceptional scratch built scale replica of the DH.88 Comet G-ACSS 'Grosvenor House' that won the famous 1934 England-Australia MacRobertson Air Race from the United Kingdom to Australia. This model is powered by 2 Zenoah 74s. and in total it cost Steve £5000 in materials...
  16. dominicm

    Weston Park International Airshow, Telford, UK

    Compressed highlights of this top show of the year in the UK...
  17. dominicm

    Red Arrows fly formation with huge Avro Vulcan

    Just an awesome sight to see these big jets fly together.
  18. dominicm

    Giant scale English Electric Lightning XS921

    Luke Metcalf flying this in true scale style. Lightning by name and he flies it like Lightning. I had trouble keeping up. Full after burners and tight turns. TERRIFIC ! Span: 176 cm Length: 284 cm Engine: B300F turbine (320N thrust) Built by Paul from the Airworld Modellbau kit. 9 litres of fuel...
  19. dominicm

    Two kit built radial powered Waco biplanes

    The yellow Waco built and flown by Greg was built from a Barth kit (Germany) and the other Waco was built from an American AMR kit at the same scale. They weigh 23kg and the 29kg respectively and both are powered by Blackstar 250cc 5 cylinder 4 stroke radials from Tomahawk Aviation throwing...