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  1. GSNadmin

    Transport Canada cancels MAAC exemption for model flying

    A sad time for Canadian model fliers and a lesson for model aircraft organisations around the world. The AMA, BMFA, SAMAA etc have to work hard to protect model flying, it was around before manned flight after all. I guess there are two paths available in Canada, MAAC start fighting properly...
  2. GSNadmin

    News Need help finding classifides

    sorry I will add a link to the top.
  3. GSNadmin

    File size??

    we allow 5000kb.
  4. GSNadmin

    File size??

    How big of a file are you trying to upload?
  5. GSNadmin

    For Sale Eagle

    Great deal!
  6. GSNadmin

    News Joe Nall Cancelled

    Joe Nall Cancelled any alternatives? Post here.
  7. GSNadmin

    SOLD! 50% Christen Eagle

    any more pics?
  8. GSNadmin

    SOLD! Vario Cobra Helicopter

    Do you have more pics
  9. GSNadmin

    For Sale Golden West Models Mig 21 Jet model

    I have a built Golden West Models MiG 21, with retracts setup for a turbine. Some Servos are installed retracts are air and scale. got it years ago from a very avid jet pilot owner. Asking 950.00
  10. GSNadmin

    For Sale Jeti DS16 Radio only

    Jeti DS16 Radio only asking 950.00 shipped
  11. GSNadmin

    For Sale Comp Arf Extra 330S 2.6m

    sweet plane!
  12. GSNadmin

    News Joe Nall 2019 thread

    Who is going and what ya bring?