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  1. 3D-Seth

    For Sale Desert Aircraft DA-170

    Smoking deal on a used DA-170. No exhaust, engine + ignition only. $775 shipped to your door in the 48 CONUS!
  2. 3D-Seth

    For Sale QQAC 120" (37.5%) Yak 54

    Time to get rid of my 120" QQAC Yak 54, taking up a ton of space that I would like to have back in the garage! Selling as airframe only. This was the airplane I built for the Tucson Shootout around 2008. Has about 800 flights or so on it, in overall good condition for the age. Here is a video...
  3. 3D-Seth

    REDUCED! 2 x Blade 700x Helis + TON of parts!

    SOLD!! Up for sale is my 2 Blade 700X flybarless helis. Helis are well taken of, and in flyable condition. 700X #1 - $600 Custom Green/Orange Canopy Well flown, with typical 3D use. Probably 500 flights or so. E-flite 700 Motor Castle Creations Phoenix ICE HV 120 ESC Spektrum AR7200BX with 1...
  4. 3D-Seth

    REDUCED! BVM Bandit BNF w/Turbine!

    Up for sale is my well taken care of, but flown BVM Bandit. This is the original Mk.I model, and not the MkII where they changed the wing mounting system. I purchased this about 5 years ago, with only a handful of flights on it from the previous owner. Pulled most of the gear out and re-did it...
  5. 3D-Seth

    Rolling Rebound

    As you mentioned, transitioning from right to left will have a slightly greater "bounce" due to torque. Generally in harrier rolls, most people tend to try and fly them too slowly. In order for the "bounce" as you call it to work and look right, you need solid airflow over the ailerons. This...
  6. 3D-Seth

    E-flite Beast 60e Aerobatic RC Plane, ARF

    Just so you guys know, I flew the airplane in the video...majority of that was shot in one flight. The marketing people like to keep the videos concise, usually around 1 min 30 seconds or so. That particular flight was the 3rd time I had flown the airplane... The airplane flies phenomenal...
  7. 3D-Seth

    DX8 and throttle elevator mix.

    That depends on your CG... If you are flying a nose heavy airplane, then yes, it will cause it to pitch down more on landing (just hold a little elevator on final). If you're flying a tailheavy airplane, they tend to pitch up on landing anyway, and wouldn't hurt to have some down in there. For...
  8. 3D-Seth

    Parkzone VisionAire

    Here's a short video we made a while back of the VisionAire. This airplane is a BLAST, even for the more experienced guys! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvJ4T76rP6g Seth