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Search results

  1. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    IMAC Dietrich 42% Slick rebuild.

    I have a brand new Deitrich 540 ill sell for 500
  2. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    For Sale Bill Hempel 38% Decathlon

    Bill Hempel 38% DECATHLON.. BUT, we tell the girls it's 40% ONLY $2000 Hey friends, Sorry ive neglected to post here. I just forgot... But.... I ended up with a plane that's too big for my Lil work area. lol, We have a beautimous 38 %, Hempel. Never crashed. The covering didn't POP as the...
  3. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    For Sale Deitrick 42% Slick 540

    WOW 800.00 OBO Deitrick 42% Slick 540 Kit Un-Covered and ready for your favorite film or glass. This plane sold on sale for $1700.00 plus shipping and 2 grand plus shipping MSRP and was built to be an Amazing IAC, Imac, and 3d Byrd. Built tough in and around 2009 From South Africa. To be...
  4. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    For Sale 3rd scale cub

    PLUS I HAVE MANY OTHERS IN ALL SIZES Newly built never flown cub 999.99 or best offer yes we ship more info below Cloth-covered except for the bottom which in done in Film covering for easy cleaning G45 (new) with electronic ignition Built by an old Builder in southeast tx I told...
  5. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    For Sale EXTREM FLIGHT 2 M Vanquish

    2M Vanquish Blue/White/Magenta F3A 2M Vanquish ARF $1100.00 plus shipping Comes in org. packing The Extreme Flight RC 2 meter electric Vanquish was designed with the intent of providing the pattern community with an affordable, competition worthy airframe capable of competing with the...
  6. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    For Sale Pitts M-12s w/ Brison 3.2

    650.00 sorry I was worn out when I posted no wonder I got no relies. Im giving this away at 650
  7. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    For Sale Seagull Sparrow Hawk 62cc

    I have a g62 a few Chinese 55 to 58cc and a ZDZ 60 all for sell. We have a lot of goodies for sale.. I can make a package deal if you like About to take of to the ocean on my VTX 1800 Honda so will reply tomorrow sorry for the inconv. the g62 in in the box with spiiners etc...
  8. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    For Sale Seagull Sparrow Hawk 62cc

    LOL that would help would it not? 275. plus shipping I added more info at top of listing. Sorry im an old man forgetful at times
  9. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    For Sale ROBBIE Cap 21 Kit (Get to know us sale)

    Old SCHOOL kit. w/Foam core wings HDP fuse OUR PRICING: You will be ashamed to tell your buddies but glad to tell your wife what you spent onm your new plane or project/// 281 667 1200 Specs ion pics Super cheap $150.00 WHAT????? YES SIR, 150.00 bucks U.S Plus the dreaded shipping. We can...
  10. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    For Sale Great Planes Giant Super Sportster ARF with Saito FG36

    Saito FG36 Great Planes Giant Super Sportster ARF 1.2-2,82" $650.00 SALE PENDING THIS PLANE IS SPOTLESS Custom built gorgeous byrd powered by the Saito FG36 just outside break-in cycle includes red anodized valve covers I have the Orginal box the engine came in Hitech 5945 digital servos and...
  11. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    For Sale Pitts M-12s w/ Brison 3.2

    Beautimus plane, Pitts m-12s plane $650.00 plus shipping I bought this last week from a customer that was getting some cash together so he could afford life! This plane is in great shape and I have the org. manual Brison 3.2 which is a 52.5 cc I will ship via greyhound but we will need to...
  12. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    For Sale Seagull Sparrow Hawk 62cc

    Here is a plane you can't find any more $275.00 plus shipping.. We double box pack well and ship fast. Shipping Via Greyhound will be AT MOST 125 in the lower 48.most likely about 80 bucks I bought this bird in an auction... it was a return That...
  13. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    For Sale 27% Wild Hare Best pricing anywhere!

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Hello, folks new on here. But I have plenty of references rc groups, GiantScaleNews. eBay or ask the hobby community 1st off Brand new Wildhare 27% 100 % Virgin new arf in the box If you're local your in luck I have a fair collection of large-scale birds that are ready...
  14. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    Wanted Looking for 50cc airframe or RTF

    call us bet we have a few 2816671200
  15. Gotta Know Joe Hobbies

    Wanted Looking for Muffler to fit a DA 35

    should have one gotta know joe hobbies 2816671200