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  1. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    For Trade Hangar9 138'' RTF Decathlon sale or trade

    I dropped off from flying for a while. Got back in earlier this year. Been focused on starting my welding company so that took majority of my time. Hope alls been well with you guys down that way
  2. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    For Trade Hangar9 138'' RTF Decathlon sale or trade

    Would like to trade or sale 2400$ or trade Rx ready Dla112 Promodeler servos brand new Pictures dose no justice on how big she is Looking for a 42% aeroworks ultimate War bird Scale Carf anything Really wanting the Aeroworks ultimate Text 8153838490 Located in Illinois! Will meet for...
  3. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    Alert! That time of year again! Shirts/ Hats

    It’s that time of the year again! Get your GSN gear to wear at all your fly ins! Colors Available in Red and all New GREY! Pre order? If you are interested in pre ordering shirts, they will be T-shirt M - L - Xl ($20.00) + $6.00 shipping 2x - ($22.00) + $6.00 shipping 3x - (24.00) +...
  4. Xtreme_Power_RCS


    Welcome welcome!!:mario-banana:
  5. Xtreme_Power_RCS


    How much did this sale for? Or shall I say what’s the going rate for those dx18s
  6. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    Alert! Is HOBBICO Next? Hobbico files for bankruptcy

    On 1/10/2018 all these company's in the hobby field filed chapter 11. Case Number Chapter Case Date Filed Judge 18-10060-KG 11 United Model, Inc. 1/10/2018 Gross 18-10059-KG 11 Tower Hobbies, Inc. 1/10/2018 Gross 18-10058-KG 11 Revell Inc. 1/10/2018 Gross 18-10057-KG 11 Great Planes Model...
  7. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    Alert! Is HOBBICO Next? Hobbico files for bankruptcy

    More sad news in the R/C world yet again. Source: Biz tips? Email Ben Zigterman at bzigterman@news-gazette.com Link: Click Here CHAMPAIGN — Hobbico filed for bankruptcy protection Wednesday, which could result in 332 layoffs at its Champaign facility. In a statement, Hobbico said that it...
  8. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    Alert! Japan Remote Control Co. Ltd Filed bankruptcy

    Sad to read, Hope this isnt the down fall of Jr Products. Have heard many things over the last two years and it saddens me to see this. Click for info: JR Americas
  9. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    Alert! 4 planes sale!

    I have a 1/3 Scale great planes Pitts rtf, a aeroworks python 50cc with dle55 ready to fly. Beautiful like new plane, flawless.... I brand new comp arf 330sc that has never seen engine. Airframe only, never flown, 60cc frame... extreme flight extra 300 ready to fly 30cc, all for sale. Sell all...
  10. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    Alert! 2017 SuperFly "You don't want to miss a SuperFly"

    SuperFly v3 is going down in the midwest for the first time on September 29 thru October 1st 2017! St Louis R/C Flying Association has agreed to host the SuperFly this fall. That is right we are going to the center of the country. For first time SuperFly participants here is the 411. Over the...
  11. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    Hey all!

    Welcome !!!
  12. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    For Sale 435 shipped! Brand new never mounted DLE61

    I have a brand new dle 61, box has only been opened. Hasn't even been pulled out of the box. Brand new dle 61 I bought a few months ago for a plane and decided to go a different route. For sale quick!
  13. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    Cool Rolling Chicken Stick

    Review coming soon! Unboxing video while live on Facebook The safest and best way to start your RC airplane engine. Works on the smallest Nitro engines to the giant gas engines. The unique feature of the ROLLING Chicken Stick. is, of course, the rolling action of the padded roller. The 1/8...
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  16. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    SOLD! 111cc Pitts bulldog

    Still interested in my Pitts? Will trade for another 100cc plane or a few smaller planes