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    Scale 112” - Taylorcraft by HeyLuc & Snoopy.

    Hi Luc I apologize for posting this here but see no option for sending a PM. I am looking for someone with good 3D CAD skills to design a large wing and possibly CNC or Laser cut the wing ribs for me. I want to build a twing turbine 1/6 scale model of the English Electric Canberra. Of course I...
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    Kavan FK50 Mark I

    I chatted with Adrian at Joe Nall yesterday. You will not go wrong with him.
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    Kavan FK50 Mark I

    Your best bet would be CHIgnitions. Talk to Adrian, he is a great guy. https://ch-ignitions.com/
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    HobbyStar LiPo packs?

    Thanks for the advice. Problem is that their 5S only go up to 5000 mAh while I need at least 7000 mAh. Their 4S go 7000, 8000 while the 6S go 8100 mAh so no possible 2 packs inseries there.
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    HobbyStar LiPo packs?

    I need a large capacity 10S pack for a YA P-47 project that I am electrifying and consider buying a 7200 mAh 6S and 4S. Trying to find customers comments on HobbyStar I came out with very little and not very complimentary data. Is anyone on this website using them? How do you like them? Thanks...