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  1. JamesFitts

    P-51D Moonbeam McSwine

    I am fan of your video. It is really nice.
  2. JamesFitts

    Idea! Beginner Electric RC Airplanes - How to Choose

    Choosing your terribly 1st Electric radio control plane is an exciting factor, regardless of what age you are! Let's face it, we're all children at heart. But it can also be overwhelming, that the aim of this page is to interrupt down the barriers and introduce you to beginner Electric RC...
  3. JamesFitts

    Turbine jets that perform high risk hovering and 3D

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing this video. :brian-banana:
  4. JamesFitts

    P-51 Mustang deadstick, stall and crash

    Wow, Nice Airplane Flying. Thanks for sharing this video.
  5. JamesFitts

    Hello from Bayview Idaho!

    Hi, Thomas. Welcome to the GSN community.
  6. JamesFitts

    Hi there from Smithfield Kentucky

    Hi, Jay Burkart. Welcome.:welcome:
  7. JamesFitts

    Hello from So. Lebanon, Ohio

    Hi, Mike. Welcome to the GSN community.
  8. JamesFitts

    Hello from Ashton Idaho

    Hello, Steven Davis. Welcome to the Giant Scale News forum.
  9. JamesFitts

    2x Reiher III and 1x Blanik

    Hey, Ferdinand. Really awesome. :)
  10. JamesFitts

    New Member from Kentucky...

    Hi, Ron. Welcome to the GSN community.
  11. JamesFitts

    Joined from California

    Hello, Rick. Nice Plane. :yesss:
  12. JamesFitts


    Hi, Most welcome to join our community.
  13. JamesFitts

    New Eachine Mini F4U Corsair

    Your Eachine F4U Corsair are looking very good.
  14. JamesFitts

    Large scale RC aircraft of 2019

    Nice aircraft Fly. Thanks for sharing.:)
  15. JamesFitts

    Designing F-35B Vertical take-off/Landing (VTOL)

    I have seen your full video. Informative and very nice video.
  16. JamesFitts

    Greeting form Costa Rica

    Hello, Patrick. Welcome to the giant scale news community.
  17. JamesFitts

    Hello guys from Italy !!

    Hi, Claudio. My name is James. I am a new member of this forum. Welcome to the forum.