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  1. dominicm

    Flying an RV8 from the FPV camera on the tail

    Canopy plastic wasn't clear enough to put an FPV camera inside so I mounted it up on the tail. Nice view seeing the aeroplane in the foreground with the scenery below...
  2. dominicm

    MinimumRC P-51 Mustang "Old Crow"

    I'm hoping it was a CG issue. We'll experiment next time out with it...if we get some calmer weather.
  3. dominicm

    MinimumRC P-51 Mustang "Old Crow"

    First flight. Needs some work but good to get it in the air.
  4. dominicm

    First time trying Spitfire formation flying with head tracked FPV

    Our first time trying to fly Spitfires in formation. A few improvements required and I'll convert the 2nd Spitfire to FPV.
  5. dominicm

    Head tracked FPV Red Arrows formation flying

    Early days but this is so much fun !
  6. dominicm

    Red Arrows head tracked FPV jet

    Ultimate head tracked FPV. Looking forward to some formation flights with Red 2 in near future.
  7. dominicm

    More telemetry...twin EDF Su-27 low and fast

    Last solo flight. Time to get 2 in the air together !
  8. dominicm

    9+ minute flight time with X-Fly Su-27 twin 50mm EDF

    I wouldn't have thought long flight times were possible with an EDF jet. Seems I was wrong!
  9. dominicm

    Nearly ended in disaster

    Very close to wrecking it...but just got away with it
  10. dominicm

    Scratch built indoor Fouga Cyclone jet sailplane

    Beautiful and skilful aero-modelling. Despite being light this tiny electric ducted fan model is still quite quick and obviously challenging to fly in this sports hall.
  11. dominicm

    Giant 1:6 scale scratch built Avro Lancaster

    Beautiful large 1:6 scale scratch built Avro Lancaster in 'G for George' scheme. It is powered by 4 Zenoah 38cc engines.
  12. dominicm

    Crash after engine failure and too low for auto-rotation

    Beautiful large scale Super Puma demonstrates winch capability but suffers engine failure or runs out of fuel during flight. Too low for auto-rotation and a hard impact causes a lot of damage. Even the pilot gets ejected.
  13. dominicm

    Scratch built indoor Short Scion

    Maybe not super scale but definitely super-light. Flies like a feather weight...
  14. dominicm

    5 big 1:5 scale F-16s flown fast and close

    Crazy flying skills on display in this well rehearsed routine. Best formation flying I have ever filmed...