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Search results

  1. helicanic

    For Sale 78" Extreme Flight Extra with DA 35

    Extreme Flight RC 78" extra with DA 35, Falcon 20x9 carbon prop, Jtech muffler, Savox 1256 servos on wings and elevators, Savox 1283 on rudder, White Rose wheels, Spectrum AR9110 power safe receiver, IBEC, Fugi water bottle fuel tank. Tail Dragger wires throughout. SWB servo arms. Plane is...
  2. helicanic

    Gimbal Stick Ends

    http://www.aztechaeromodels.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=61_72&product_id=221 Ordered these and they are PERFECT! Grab my thumb so good they would pull skin off if they slip. Also fits the DX-18 Perfectly. I consider it a great upgrade over stock ends. Thanks again all!
  3. helicanic

    Gimbal Stick Ends

    Thanks for the info all!!
  4. helicanic

    Gimbal Stick Ends

    I have been searching for gimbal ends for my DX-18. I fly thumbs and the stock ones just are not aggressive enough for me. I would like to find some that are sharp and will grab my thumb. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  5. helicanic

    Brand New PAU........Viper-ST Announced!!!!!!!!

    Wtf!!!! There is still space in that truck!! :oblong:
  6. helicanic

    Bowman rings....Gone!

    I can say that my 120 was greatly affected by the addition of the rings, mostly due to the reduction in ring gap, and the bowman rings seemed to make better contact with the cylinder wall compared to the stock rings. Although I have not measured the compression with a gauge I noticed out of the...
  7. helicanic

    Prop for a DA35

    I have run a falcon 20x8 and 20x9 on mine. 20x8 was too slow on top end and only added marginal difference to slow and low. 20x9 sped things up a bit and still performs well low and slow. I have this on a extreme Flight 78" extra.
  8. helicanic

    Brand New PAU........Viper-ST Announced!!!!!!!!

    What's the latest arival date on them? I am looking forward to getting a green one!
  9. helicanic


    Very Cool idea!! Curious what the weight difference is compared to White Rose wheels? I bet you could look on McMaster Carr and find bearings that match the axels and wheels.
  10. helicanic


    haha! Yes you did! I should have worded it "factory starting point" :laughing: After being deprived of flight for 2 weeks I am happy to say that yesterday was the start to a weekend of huckin! Plans to spend Friday, Sat, and Sunday afternoon at the field with one goal.... BURN GAS...
  11. helicanic


    Just installed this engine in an EF 88" edge. :brian-banana::dancing-chicken::mario-banana::yesss: WOW!! awesome!! I got in 8 or 9 flights today and each flight the engine begin to deliver more and more power. Geesh keep this up and I think I will buy another one!! :way_to_go:. Factory...
  12. helicanic


    I run white rose with the 1/4" ti axles. :way_to_go: http://www.whiteroseeng.com/products/Maingearwheels.html
  13. helicanic

    For Sale 1/3 WM Clipped Cub DA-100 shipping negotiable.

    Nice looking cub! I always wanted a 100cc er!! too bad I have too many irons in the fire right now..:(
  14. helicanic

    SOLD! DLE 55RA

    GOOD CONDITION, Bowman ring 2gal or less through engine. Comes with Falcon 23x8W Prop. I anodized the muffler red, due to the limits of my power supply at the time the red faded with the heat of the muffler. Engine runs great, never had any issues with performance. Total run time is less than...
  15. helicanic

    Wanted COWL (Red/White) Extreme Flight 88" Edge 540

    I am looking for a Cowl for a red/white extreme flight 88" edge 540. I currently have one that is cut to fit a DLE 55. I need one either cut for a DA-70 or un-cut. PM me.
  16. helicanic

    Question of the Day. If you won a DA 70 Twin, what would you put it in?

    :yesss: PAU 88" Extra another good one!! Lots of good offerings in this size!
  17. helicanic

    Question of the Day. If you won a DA 70 Twin, what would you put it in?

    88" EF Edge.... Fed Ex Guy left me a box of DA 70 Awesome this morning. I am removing the DLE 55RA from my 88" edge and installing the 70..... Should be exciting :yesss: PS> I also like the EF MXS too....
  18. helicanic

    SOLD! 35cc Slick 540 W/S Greenville

    Got it. Thanks!