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  1. Michael Grossman

    Help! YS 120 oil question

    Marvol tool oil works well will not hurt gasgets
  2. Michael Grossman

    Can you believe this guy?

    STYROFOAM is for coffee cups glue um back together and move on this kind of thing is helping kill our great hobby
  3. Michael Grossman

    3D Gluing Robart Hinges

    I got a 30cc plane from a friend and he glued all hindges with ca the elvater came off on take off DONT USE CA TO GLUE HINDGES
  4. Michael Grossman

    Discussion I believe that Toledo has been cancelled.

    Yes Toledo show officially cancelled for 2020
  5. Michael Grossman

    Microaces Bristol F.2b

    We need to keep our chineese brothers in our prayers its no joke whats going on over there i think the us goverment as well as the rest of the world goverments are not telling the truth of how bad this virase really is
  6. Michael Grossman

    Wanted Transmitter Case - Spektrum DX9 Black Edition

    Be smart sell that overpriced junk one of the older guys at our field started using frsky about 5 years back his son is a world champ and was sponcered by futaba well he kept laughing at me as i lost giant gassers to my fine spectrum recievers so i finally took his advice and bought frsky horus...
  7. Michael Grossman

    New Product Spektrum iX20 20-Channel Smart Transmitter System

    Are you gona pay 1400 bucks for a spectrum transmitter lol
  8. Michael Grossman

    New Product Spektrum iX20 20-Channel Smart Transmitter System

    Its about time spectrum catches up to the rest of the world i was shocked to see multiprotocal bay on the back of this new radio i wish them all the luck in the world with thete new baby but at 1400$ there gona need it if they were to add alot of these feature to there dx9 and dx8 such as hall...
  9. Michael Grossman

    Moki 250cc 40% Sukhoi SU-31

    Ya need to be carefull with those h9 suhkois some of the fuselages were not glued together real well
  10. Michael Grossman

    Giant 3.1m super light indoor flight of F4U Corsair

    I saw that vidio too bad rc is not as popular in the u.s.a . Anymore we used to have a couple indoor spots with one big weekend event in akron but turnout was so bad at the last one the club sponsoring the event could not break even so no more the kids today have no interest in modeling if its...
  11. Michael Grossman

    Experience With OS Gas Engines

    I fly with a guy that has the 60cc it runs good but has a miss its not a carb problem i have heard from people that if you run 6v to the ign that is the problem im not sure what ign battery he is running but the engine never quits it just has a constant midrange to 3/4 throttle miss the engine...
  12. Michael Grossman

    Hello and Byron Ducted fans

    There is a guy on GiantScaleNews that just posted a new in box byron f16 my email is michaelgrossman666@yahoo.com email me i will send his info
  13. Michael Grossman

    Hello and Byron Ducted fans

    My friend i hear you put a want ad on GiantScaleNews and by the way the new turbine are amazing and make such a realistic sound you may also want to call bob vilot jets he used to make the old style jets he may have one rtf for the right price good luck and get back flying things in the hobby are...
  14. Michael Grossman

    The NEW King of Standard Size Servos - HSR-M9382TH

    Bluebird bls51b there is no better servoe and they are 109$ ive been using all types of the bluebird servoe line for 3 years and have yet to have any of them fail
  15. Michael Grossman

    The NEW King of Standard Size Servos - HSR-M9382TH

    All i can say is check out bluebird bls 51b this is the best servoe you can buy at 109$ and through actual 3d abuse they work and have NEVER had a failure yet in the 3 years ive used different sizes of the bluebird servoes
  16. Michael Grossman

    Discussion Flying Fields, How Big is Enough?

    We put dow geotextile fabric at our field and they use it at alot of other fields are runway is 300ft by 30 ft the stuff is sold in 15 by 300 ft rolls total cost with the steaks was about 1800$ its GREAT the water goes through it and even the smallest wheels can roll on it the place that sold us...
  17. Michael Grossman

    Hello From Ohio!

    I got a couple years on you just a couple and i feel the same about the bigger planes it kills me to see these guys spend all that money on Styrofoam junk and it seems like thats the way horizon wants the market to go its a shame these guys end up throwing these things in the garbage if after...
  18. Michael Grossman

    Bill Hempel Yak 55

    Does bill hemple still sell planes