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  1. SleepyC

    IMAC Scratch build Laser 200

    Been done. https://www.GiantScaleNews.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6037
  2. SleepyC

    Alert! Miss the old days... WAS SO FUN.

    At the end of the day, the people who didn't make money off all the websites are still around. Not able to travel and do as much stuff, but we are around. Personally I can't afford anything. I fly 130 size hell's in my front yard in-between 60 hr work weeks. but. Hey... I'd love to hang with my...
  3. SleepyC

    Alert! Miss the old days... WAS SO FUN.

    There will never be days as good as this again... UNLESS.
  4. SleepyC

    Alert! Is HOBBICO Next? Hobbico files for bankruptcy

    This is where the entire hobby is going... Sad but true. Get ready for the collapse. The price for toys is getting insane. Foamy airplanes for $450... good grief. Add to this the horrible economy. I work 40 - 60 hours a week (when we have OT) at a decent job and have no money for anything...
  5. SleepyC

    Cool Sleepy's 60 day VLOG Challenge.

    Hey guys, well I took a 60 Vlog challenge from a well respected film maker that I admire. His thought is, if you can shift your brain into "content over cameras" and edit your own life story, at the end of the journey one should be a much better film maker. So Challenge accepted... I'm heading...
  6. SleepyC

    Cool Airhead Media LLC 2017 Video REEL

    Do you need aerial video? Don't settle for just anyone, get Clevelands original Arial Video company. We have the skills to get the job done. From Lifting Cinema cameras like Red's and Arri to small DJI type machines we do it all. This is a small sample of the work we did doing aerials in 2016...
  7. SleepyC

    Rant! The real DEAL.. RCG/FG/ F them

    Also... Huge Thanks to Herve from PAU, Dave from DA, John from OMP, Rocco from AW, and all the others who believed in the early days. Love you guys.
  8. SleepyC

    Rant! The real DEAL.. RCG/FG/ F them

    Hey guys, It's me Sleepy. Hope all is well. I've been working 70 - 80 hrs a week trying to make ends meet. I'm not mad. Life has been hard but, I'm not a dead, so it's all good. So what has happened in my eyes in the past few years. 1) Jim Graham and **********: They are assholes. they suck...
  9. SleepyC

    Resurrecting an Old Favorite - 3DHS 87" Extra SHP

    Best plane ever. Even though Ben is a HUGH cock sucker and an *******, he made an amazing airplane. If I could afford 1 airplane, this would be it.
  10. SleepyC


    HAHA.. yea.. I'm living. Working 3 jobs, 75 hours a week trying to pay bills. Life is awesome. Been pretty involved in Police / Fire Rescue Drone development lately so that's been interesting. Besides that... work...
  11. SleepyC

    SOLD! 40% Carden Cap 232 RTF - $1500

    Sold awaiting funds.
  12. SleepyC

    SOLD! 40% Carden Cap 232 RTF - $1500

    Make offer! I got bills!!!
  13. SleepyC

    SOLD! 40% Carden Cap 232 RTF - $1500

    Yes Cleveland, Ohio... home of cold weather and beer.
  14. SleepyC

    SOLD! 40% Carden Cap 232 RTF - $1500

    40% Carden Cap 232 - DA-150 (starts 3-4 flip every time) - Hitec 5945 MG on all but rudder - BIG Hotels on runner Pull-Pull - New Fromeco 5200 Li Ions (2) (last year) for RX - New Fromeco 2500 Li Ion (1) for IGN - Fromeco Voltage REGS - Smart Fly Power expander - Fortitude tanks )new last year)...
  15. SleepyC

    Happy 2016!!

    HNY! I can't find the place to attach the wings?!?!? The radio says Ailerons but I can't find them!
  16. SleepyC

    This won't help our cause at all....

    And you will go to jail. They are considered "aircraft" now... SO I would not go in that direction. :D