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  1. amstd7

    Engine choice?

    Also I not very familiar with the EME brand, but if it is pretty good stuff that 70cc twin would be a good option just sayin!
  2. amstd7

    Engine choice?

    I am building that same airframe, have been doing quiet a bit of research on which engine to install. I am thinking seriously about the DLE 60cc twin, mainly for the fact of having less vibration and I read where they had to add a pound of weight in the nose to get the CG right, the plane is...
  3. amstd7

    Need some advice on a new 30cc 3D plane.

    I have the 74” EF Slick 580 with a DLE55 on it, hope I have not over done it too much?? Help!
  4. amstd7

    Need some advice on a new 30cc 3D plane.

    I have a EF 74” Slick 580 and put a DLE 55 on it, is this going to be too much ????? Help!!!
  5. amstd7

    I'm going to Joe Nall 2018, are you?

    If everything goes right we will be there love it!
  6. amstd7

    4th Annual 3D Bash Sept 7th-10th Kennett Missouri

    Will be there, Lord provided!
  7. amstd7

    News Roll call! Joe Nall 2017

    Hey everyone! Checking in to get a roll call of the members that will be attending Joe Nall! What day? And what flight line most interests you. Any advice for first timers? Hopeing to meet all you guys and put a face to the guys who keep this forum the best forum on the internet!
  8. amstd7

    Give-a-way contest! Win a Hanger 9 Extra 300X

    Count me in!:banana-dance:
  9. amstd7

    Give-a-way contest! Win a Hanger 9 Extra 300X

    This would really be a blessing to hAve in our fleet, good luck to all who enter!
  10. amstd7

    The 'What did you do in your workshop tonight?' thread

    What is the best way to rebuild the firewall and engine box on the 104" EF Extra 300?
  11. amstd7

    Official 3DRCF build and review of Legacy Aviation Turbo Bushmaster

    If your not using HV servos, is it necessary to use a separate BEC for receiver? I'm using the Hitec 5245's all round Thanks
  12. amstd7

    EF Extra 300 104"

    Did not think about extending the harnesses by soldering, but that to me would be a lot better connection, I appreciate the info. Thanks 3dbandit
  13. amstd7

    Plane Stand Pro - fuselage stand.

    Address: 1653, Hwy 51 North Winona,MS 38967
  14. amstd7

    EF Extra 300 104"

    On the EF 104" I am using a AR12120 powersafe rx with two A123 batteries and Techaero IBEC for ignition, is this ok? Also, what is the correct way to tie in the ailerons to receiver i.e. correct ports. I am using the dual aileron wiring harnesses from Taildragger RC. The only problem with these...
  15. amstd7

    Extra 300 104"

    Vegasking, I hope you can give me a little advice on proper tie in of the servos on the EF 104 Extra 300. I'm using the dual servo cables from Taildragger RC along with the 12120 receiver from Spektrum. Not sure about the correct ports on receiver Thanks
  16. amstd7

    TESTING - Aerobeez 93" EXTRA 330 SC with DLE 111 Twin!

    Yes we did fly it at the Huck-O-Ween event, we took all the weight out and balanced it where you balanced yours, it flies really good but I agree with you, it does need a DA 70, that would make it just right. Thanks
  17. amstd7

    TESTING - Aerobeez 93" EXTRA 330 SC with DLE 111 Twin!

    I'm working as we speak, getting all this weight out that I added, I will be letting you guys know how it works out, hopefully ok thanks for all the info and help
  18. amstd7

    TESTING - Aerobeez 93" EXTRA 330 SC with DLE 111 Twin!

    Thanks,I feel the same and argued the same point as you, but do you think it will fly ok?