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  1. thurmma


    That sucks!! I would try drilling the hysol out and filling with solid cf rod. Then I would drill in a fresh spot for the new pattern. Should be solid as long as the cf rod is tight.
  2. thurmma


    I could have swore that the 170 is the same pattern as the 150/200, it just uses 6mm bolts instead of 5mm. My zdz uses the 5mm bolt, same pattern as the 150/200. I had a 3 blade 29 x 12 EVO that was drilled for the 6mm bolts and I glued in some hollow CF tube and drilled it for the 5mm bolts. It...
  3. thurmma


    What engine are you drilling for, 215?
  4. thurmma

    White Rose Tires and Wheels

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to pass it on that Vern at whiteroseeng.com now has all tires and wheels available again! It has been a long wait, but Vern is back in the tire and wheel business. For those who haven't used Vern's products, they are made in the USA and of the highest quality materials!
  5. thurmma

    2nd Annual Alamo City IMAC Challenge Oct. 8 & 9

    http://www.mini-iac.org/Event-Details/PID/1332 Friday Open for Practice. Pilots meeting 8:00 am Wheels Up 8:30 am on Saturday. All Classes offered, plus NEW NOVICE Class for New Pilots. RV's and Camping welcome, electrical for charging available at the pavilion. Lunch on Saturday provided...
  6. thurmma


    Welcome aboard!
  7. thurmma

    The 'What did you do in your workshop tonight?' thread

    Great idea on the pool noodles to keep the plane from sliding around! Going to do the same thing in my shop tonight :)
  8. thurmma

    Yippee! What the postman brought

    That landing gear is made by Fibrojet from Spain, correct? I got some gear from Al for an Extra 300 and really like the way the gear looks and is made. It is definitely stout. Hoping to get the Dalton back in the air this weekend, as long as we don't need floats to use the field! We have rain...
  9. thurmma

    11th Annual MMRCC IMAC contest 4/9/2022 - 4/10/2022

    Time to get signed up for this contest! We are only 3 weeks away. http://www.mini-iac.org/Event-Details/PID/1357
  10. thurmma

    Discussion The I’m Going/Went Flying Thread

    Had 55 degrees yesterday, so we did some multiple line IMAC practice. I was flying Advanced and the other pilot was flying Intermediate. The club members that were present really enjoyed seeing us both in the air at the same time, especially the sound of the engines :-) Kam Aero with DA 200 and...
  11. thurmma

    18th Annual Lost Squadron IMAC - July 24 & 25, 2021

    Thiz contest has been canceled!
  12. thurmma

    18th Annual Lost Squadron IMAC - July 24 & 25, 2021

    F.A.R.M. Club presents: 18th Annual Lost Squadron IMAC Location: 7158 Lost Squadron Drive, Wrightsville Ar. 72183 July 24 & 25, 2021 Meals provided for pilots: Saturday breakfast, lunch. Sunday breakfast. Class Competition Divisions: Novice – Basic – Sportsman – Intermediate – Advance -...
  13. thurmma

    I'm going/went flying 2021 thread

    Got out for a quick flight to test the new rudder hinges. What a difference!
  14. thurmma

    Hi from the Philippines

    Welcome to GSN! Great people and a wealth of knowledge.
  15. thurmma

    News Joe Nall Cancelled

    Time to create our own events and move on with life.
  16. thurmma

    Joined from California

    Welcome to GSN, Rick! It is a great site with even better people. Pretty tight-knit bunch here :-)
  17. thurmma

    Discussion Onboard On/Off Switches

    Before I switched to Jeti radios, all I used were Fromeco switches and never had an issue Since switching to Jeti, I have used the magnetic switches and found them to work as described. They can be tempermental on magnet position, but once you figure out the positioning, they work well I...
  18. thurmma

    Idea! Avatar Update

    Funny you should mention the 200. I am using a 30 x 13evo 3 blade on my 180 on the 330lx that weighs 43 lbs dry and it will pull through a double snap on a vertical upline and keeps on going. I have had a couple judges ask me why I don't apply throttle until I am in the uplines and I tell them...
  19. thurmma

    Hello From Ohio!

    As you already know, a great bunch of people on this site! Don't be a stranger, well we are all strange so you will fit right in :-)