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Search results

  1. Jay

    Scale RCM 1/3 Scale Champ Build

    Hey, Tony... An old saying: If You run into a problem, call out and someone most likely will have some sor of resolution. (been there, seen it, got a tee-shirt) But... from I've read and seen with your project, a lot of us need Your resolutions! Great work and thank you for all the photos and...
  2. Jay

    Scale RCM 1/3 Scale Champ Build

    Tremendous! Everyone is excited 'bout this project. If you hit a snag, just ask - someone has a tee-shirt.
  3. Jay

    Giant Airbus A380 Airliner (Father and Son project)

    Fantastic build and flight! Really nice to see Father/son in our hobby. PS: nice landing
  4. Jay

    Byron's Origional Airshow Memories!

    WOW! These discussions really take a builder/pilot back. I think it’s important to reflect, to reminisce, to stop and smile at how far our model aviation - our miniature aircraft hobby has matured over the years. It’s a little disturbing though that apparently the “voice” of our endeavors, the...
  5. Jay

    De Havilland DH.91 Albatross Passenger Airliner

    Fantastic build. Kudos to the pilot. Great video. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Jay

    Giant 1:6 scale Lockheed Super Constellation TWA 'Star of America' airliner

    A beautiful miniature aircraft of a fantastic aircraft. Dedication, experience and tools all plugged in together with a desire to build and fly a majestic large scale airplane. Thank you, indeed, for sharing.
  7. Jay

    Large scale Handley Page 42 Vintage 1930s Airliner

    Fantastic RC build! What a pleasure to hear and watch without any musical background... except the music of four tuned, gas powered engines! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Jay

    Vintage 1:4 scale Beech-18 scale aircraft Formation Duo

    Awesome video! Thanks for posting.
  9. Jay

    3 Twin Turbine Concorde Airliners in Close Formation

    WOW!!!! What a video!! Beautiful - fantastic!! Not seen before, probably won’t again!! Thanks for sharing!! What a grand show!!
  10. Jay

    New Product Strick Pro Grip Radio Trays and Harnesses

    Is it true that if you fly with @Bartman, you have to wear an ankle length dress also?
  11. Jay

    Rarely modelled Gloster Javelin turbine scale jet

    Model - beautiful Flying - super Video - outstanding Landing - nice save Thanks for sharing. What a delight, without music, to enjoy!:)
  12. Jay

    Cool Pilot-RC: New quick release Wings and Stabs

    Very nice. I wonder if managers of Pilot firm would feel inclined to work with a builder of giant scale aircraft.
  13. Jay

    Rocket assisted C-130 take-off

    What's the hobby all about! Having serious fun with friends.:adore: Good show, mates!:angel:
  14. Jay

    X cub making progress

    Lookin' real nice!
  15. Jay

    X cub making progress

    Heck yes, it looks fantastic! Seems like a lot of room up front. You may even play with the idea of a starter for your power plant!
  16. Jay

    X cub making progress

    Your decision, my friend, is totally awesome! My build/fly experience level consists of three scratch built 1/3 scale Piper Cubs. Used the G-62 with the exhaust routed around and out as in scale to real bird. Isn't this a fantastic hobby?!! Now... get back to work and don't forget the photos!
  17. Jay

    X cub making progress

    But for the rest of us, thanks for keeping up the build. The plane is great as is the floats! Have you or will you share power plant!
  18. Jay

    X cub making progress

    Hi! Hey... it's difficult to do twice and sometimes three times the work of build and record.