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  1. AKNick

    News Picture Upload Limited to Three?

    For the last 2-3 weeks I have been unable to upload more than three pictures. I know others have been having the same issue on different threads. I receive an error message that says "There was a problem uploading your file." Need some help with this @GSNadmin , Not sure what's going on. Thanks!
  2. AKNick

    89" SkyWing Laser 260 V2 Assembly Thread

    SkyWing 89" Laser 260 V2 Assembly Thread KQ scheme (White, Blue, Green) Note that the color scheme is now a bit different with a lighter blue than pictured above. Not sure about all of you guys, but with Covid19 lurking around destroying our travel plans, vacations, and mental health...
  3. AKNick

    Scale 20cc DHC-2 "Beaver" Kit Build from Moustache Model Works

    20cc DHC-2 Beaver Kit Build Thread From Moustache Model Works Product Page https://www.moustachemodelworks.com/product-page/dhc-2-beaver Manual https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/5eb2ce_118ff506185f459dbfc9072dfadbbed0.pdf?index=true Plane Specs Wingspan: 91.4" Length: 57.6" Height: 16" Weight...
  4. AKNick

    GP-38 cc

    Time to start an information thread on this engine to be released in 2020! Will add more info here as it becomes available. GREAT POWER GP38cc mfgr link: https://www.gpengine.world/product/17/93 Displacement 38 c.c. Bore 38 mm RPM Range 1400-10000 Output 5 Horsepower Total Weight 1000 g...
  5. AKNick

    Blue Bird USA

    BLUE BIRD SERVO USA Phone: 419-490-4271 https://www.bluebirdservousa.com/ ABOUT US: Blue Bird USA was established in 2019. The principle, Michael Sell, noticed a need in the servo market for a high-quality line of servos with outstanding reliability all offered at a reasonably price point. It...
  6. AKNick

    Discussion The I’m Going/Went Flying Thread

    2020!! Time to share the fun! What you're going to do and what you’ve already done! Flew my 84” TBM on my custom skis! 15F and freezin!
  7. AKNick

    91" SkyWing ARS 300 Assembly Thread

    91" SkyWing ARS 300 Assembly Thread SkyWing's Website Link: HERE Purchased from SupaTim @ NorthWestRC: HERE Wingspan 91" Fuselage 91" Flying Weight 17.5-18.5lbs Lots of wicked cool features on this plane that excite me! Here is a list: Magnetic Pins for the Elevators, Canopy, and Wings...
  8. AKNick

    Cool 84" TurboBushmaster on Floats w/Aerial Footage

    I put this little video together from last weeks flight. Stapped a GoPro Session to the wing and hoped for the best. Turned out pretty good!!!
  9. AKNick

    AR MagSwitch Booma RC

    This excites me! I have a jeti magnetic switch, but it doesn't have redundancy, and I didn't like the connections that well. A lot of us are used to the AR Pin Flag Switches and their reliability... This is that pin-flag switch updated with a magnetic switch instead. I've forgotten my magnetic...
  10. AKNick

    110" TIMBER Assembly Thread

    110" TIMBER - HANGER 9 - ASSEMBLY/BUILD THREAD Horizon Hobby Product Link: Here 110" Timber Manual: Here AKNick Completed Timber!! From the Website: Key Features High quality balsa and plywood construction provides a strong and lightweight airframe Vibrant and eye-catching UltraCote...
  11. AKNick

    3DHS 75" EDGE 540 V2 Assembly Thread

    75" 3DHS Edge 540 V2 Assembly Thread. Never quite sure where to start one of these threads, so here we go! I'll edit this page as I go. I've already started to build this, so I'll be adding pictures quickly. My build is looking like this: Motrolfly 4330-216kv...
  12. AKNick

    Futaba USA

    Just ran across this! Finally some good news for Futaba customers! https://futabausa.com/ Dear Valued Customers, For many years Futaba Corporation’s Hobby Radio Control equipment repairs and customer service was part of an exclusive distribution agreement between Hobbico, Inc. and Futaba...
  13. AKNick

    3D Printing General Discussion

    GSN's place to post 3D printing information and share what everyone is up to in the 3DP world.
  14. AKNick

    Happy Easter![emoji214]

    Happy Easter everyone! Many thanks to my Heavenly Father for what I believe He did and keeps doing for all of us! Blessings! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. AKNick

    Wild Wednesday 50% storewide to 14th!

    http://www.redwingrc.com/04-12-17_WW.html thought I'd share
  16. AKNick

    FLYRC on hold? New Ownership???

    Just saw this on another site... my fav magazine :( Dear Hobby Followers, Readers and Manufacturers, Maplegate Media Group and its staff would like to thank you for allowing us to serve your hobby media needs since 2003. Our Titles, RC Driver, Fly RC Magazine, Drones Magazine, RC Heli Pilot...
  17. AKNick

    H9 15cc Carbon Cub

    Hangar 9 Carbon Cub 15cc http://www.horizonhobby.com/carbon-cub-15cc-arf-han5065 Here is my setup: RCGF 21cc Radical RC 2300 A123 Tech-Aero IBEC ignition kill and battery eliminator Savox (x6) SC-0254MG for all surfaces Savox SV-0220MG throttle Miracle Switch (one switch, charge plug...
  18. AKNick

    Discussion Airframe Vibration Prevention/Deadening

    I know there is a lot of folks out there that have dealt with ways to keep a single cylinder gasser from eating an airframe. Other than the obvious (prop/spinner balancing), what methods have you used for the longevity of your airframe? I'll post a couple scenarios; 1.) Canopy hatch pins and...
  19. AKNick

    Discussion Benches and Shop Setups & Storage for Model Aircraft

    I've seen quite a few custom benches over the years that people use for building & maintaining model aircraft, and some clever storage ideas. I didn't already see a discussion on this where people can share photos and ideas of what they came up with... so why not now? Personally I'd eventually...
  20. AKNick

    BRICO 43A Pin Flag Switch

    This is a Pin-Flag Switch made from a UK company called BRICO. Here is the Mfgr's Website: http://www.brico.co.kr/item.php?it_id=14 I bought mine from DL Engines Australia for $32.73 USD with $15.10 shipping to AK. Took 12 days...