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2x Reiher III and 1x Blanik


New to GSN!
Hello over here,

hope to post that in the correct spot ...

Here some pictures of our (two mates and me) two DFS Reiher III, and in the background you see a Blanik. The plan at this meeting have them together in the air (which we did ...) but still the video proof is missing. Also we had two Swiss Trainer, one with 140ccm and one with 100cm, but with 100ccm you need to do some flights together, since there are not much reserves.


The Reiher III are 1:3 (6,4m and about 19kg)

the Blanik L13A is 1:2,5 (6,4m and about 22kg, 25kg with turbine and fuel)

Here the maiden vides of the two Reiher III:

First one:

second one:

best regards