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96" Beechcraft Musketeer


New to GSN!
Hello all, I'm getting back into the hobby after a several year break and I just picked up an Altech Beechcraft Musketeer that was started, but didn't get covered. Does anybody out there have the instructions that came with that kit or has experience with the plane? It'll have a Super Tigre 3000. 

My background is that I like to scratch build giant scale and modify Stihl engines for power. 

This plane will be an easy build while I build a Ziroli PT-17. 

Thanks for your help!


70cc twin V2
Oh wow.. I remember that plane in the magazines in the 90s when I was a kid.. Always thought it was huge and looked cool.. There will be very little info if any on the web.. However the Hershey bar wing makes it easy to cg. Should be 30% standard behind the leading edge.
If anyone ever comes across one of these for sale, Id love to have one. We've had a full scale Musketeer in our family since 1976. Id love to have a GS model of it.
Here is the cg. 3 3/4 from the leading edge.
I bought the plane around 3 years ago. it needs some TLC before it goes back up in the air. let me think on it a while.
If you decide to sell, let me know. I'll be happy to give it the TLC it needs, and ,make it look like this one!


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